I would like to start this New Blog on my husband’s birthday.

Yes, that is today.

I especially dedicate this blog to him as he is the reason why I am in Greece now. There are many things in this world that I could ask for, but for more than 5 years, I have been asking to be with him, I have been longing to stay with him, I have been hoping to spend the rest of my life with him. I don’t think I have thanked him enough for the patience and love that he has given me. I wish I could buy that keyboard so he can compose music – again. But at the moment, I am jobless and do not own a credit card in this country. I have been thinking, what would I say to him? It’s not like we forget to say “I love you” everyday, but no matter how much we talked about that Birthdays are just another day you see the light of day – nothing really special about it – aside from the fact that we are physically near each other now rather than  sitting in front of the computer burning our asses chatting for hours – my thoughts stray on the “what if” we do something we haven’t done before, then what would that be?

Perhaps part of being a woman is to act or do something more romantic than men. But I am honestly – at lost.

What good is a blog without a love confession – sometimes?  So maybe I will talk to him through this blog:

Dear Pa,

You know I love you, right? I don’t think there’re many things to discuss about our feelings for each other – anymore. We know it very well – we are inseparable. It’s been done more than once and we proved that we are ready to be together – for life. That’s why, I treasure this ring , my silver ring with an Eternity symbol on it. I believe in our words when we said, ” ’till death do us part”. You are the balance in my life. The reality version of my dream. My everyday season of love. My favorite entree in bed. My road to happiness…

I wish that next year, I have something to give you something tangible, aside from my love. May the music of our life continuous ’till we draw our last breath… I love you and Happy birthday, Aγάπη μου (my love)!

Your Eternity, Mama



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