Being in Thessaloniki

I live in Thessaloniki City. It is the 2nd largest city in Greece and it is located  in the region of Macedonia, Northern Greece. Its name came from Alexander the Great’s  half-sister, “Thessaloniki” , where the “Niki”  means “victory”  and “Thessaly” is the name of a place where a battle was won.  So if you are in Greece and every time  you see a car plate number that starts in “N”, it’s always from Thessaloniki. Ever wonder what “Nike” brand means? Yes, victory!

Being a Filipino makes me one of the 30,000+ Filipinos living here. With much of the population residing in Athens,  I can say, that’s not a lot. No wonder in Thessaloniki I couldn’t find a specific Filipino Store. Unlike I could find in Athens.  This makes things harder for me to use ingredients that are purely Pinoy. Although there’s this Balkan store along the outskirts of Aristotelous’ Plaza where there are rare Asian products section, it doesn’t help me very much since there aren’t fresh products from Asia. I found a few Filipino products (Lucky Me Noodles, Ligo Sardines, Bihon, Yellow noodles for batchoy or pancit, sotanghon, panutsa – a bad one, and miswa noodles) . What’s amazing about the spice section is they have loads of brands from Thailand, Vietnam, China, and Malaysia, and yes- Oh so YES – Pinoy Toyo Sauce!.

So what does Thessaloniki feel like to a tropical woman, like me?

I have so many things to say about this, but I promise myself to save many of them on the next entries.

For now I can say that,
Thessaloniki cannot be like  Santorini and Crete or Milan in Italy which they are regarded as Mediterranean’s romantic places, but being with the person I love more than anyone else in the world,  I can consider it our love nest that we both need to discover its adversity, its people, what it is meant being a Macedonian of modern time, and have a taste of mixed culture from all sides of other Balkan regions and countries like France, USA, and Germany.

Haha, I maybe exaggerating in this entry, but let’s see what I can comprehend to share in the forthcoming ones.

Ta leme! (See you next time)

That phrase is a good start *winks*


4 thoughts on “Being in Thessaloniki

  1. Hi. I just came to Thessaloniki yesterday for a one-month stint at ATEI under the Erasmus Mundus academic staff mobility program. I was surfing the net to look for Filipinos around the area and stumbled upon your blog. Would be nice to know a kababayan in a place where everyone and everything is different from where I came from.

    • Hello! I haven’t updated my blog in awhile, been busy. I can understand why you cannot find alot of pinoys even in the city center. They are usually working live in , and those that are not, work from morning till early evening. If you visit Thessaloniki kendro on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, you might be able to meet some along the way. If they smile back at yah, then they’re pinoys, hahaha! If you want, we can exchange contact # so we can meet when you’re in kendro.

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