Over-reacting over a Calamansi tree…

Ok, you can say I was “namanol”. A term used in my dialect back in Philippines referring to people who act overly enthusiastic over something  as if it is their first time seeing it.

Well, that was me!

If we have ‘calamansi and dalandan’ in Philippines, then the common fruit in the Western world equals to them is, the lemon.  In Greek it is called, “λεμόνι” (le-mo-ni).

But calamansi here is not very common. As what I know of.

I really miss this fruit because of its seasoning purpose. I love to cook and I love that “manamis-namis” and sour flavor it gives off to any types of meat, fish, and any noodle-based Filipino-style foods. I also like the lemony odor, as long as when I squeeze it, its juice won’t go in my eyes.

So what happened?

When we went inside the tropical garden area of the botanical garden in Stavroupoli, it felt like I’m back in Philippines! There were herbs called, “lapunaya” in Iloilo and I found it there. There were several plants I can’t recognize their names but I was so sure that they’re very common in my hometown. There were orchids as well.

But why did I hug the Calamansi tree only?

That’s a good question. It would be a captured moment to see me literally being a ‘tree hugger.’

Ta leme,

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