Spring and the Red Plum Blossoms

Spring season is the last term of my study of the Basic Modern Greek language at the French Institute School. The rest of my foreign classmates were nervous and excited at the same time. Nervous because University language exam is coming soon – June 5. Then excited at the same time because whether they pass the exam or not, they will be able to go back home.

It wasn’t my first Spring spent outside Philippines. Although it isn’t my favorite season, (as Autumn is to me), it is refreshing because I find refreshing things blooming around. I mean… the flowers at the nearby park of the school.

Spring in greek is called “άνοιξη” (a-nik-si).  The greek verb for “to open” is “ανοίγω” (a-ni-gho), which means “I open.”

This picture is taken by me using a hand of my great friend and co-language classmate, “Maria”.  She is known as   “paidi mou” (pe-dhi moo) to me. It literally means “my child” in Greek, but it is one of those endearments one can comfortably use to call a friend or love one.

Ta leme,


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