Spring at the Botanical Garden of Stavroupoli

March 29, 2010-

My husband and I went out to check the neighboring town’s Botanical Garden. The town is “Stavroupoli.”

Since it was Springtime, the flowers that were planted for the season were blooming and some had just started to do so. This particular photo was taken during an afternoon stroll.

My husband thinks that the garden is not particularly amazing, but I think that’s because it’s been renovated not so recently. Also, we were told by the garden’s watcher that they have problems of plant theft that’s why they have to re-plant every now and then.  When I mentioned this to one of my Greek friends, she told me that it’s common doings especially by older women. She even saw elderly people digging newly planted plants on public street pots. And on relevant cases, there have been reports of people planting “cannabis” and “marijuana” in public parks and streets. They plant them between thick bushes of other plants.

Back to the photo…

I really love this red tulip. I wish I have gone back there, but I wasn’t able to do so. I think I will be sharing more Botanical Garden stuff on the next few posts.

Ta leme,


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