Lounging under the Spring Sun!

April 2010 –

When spring almost came to an end, I strolled alone at a nearby park across French Institute. That day was humid.

When I arrived 5 minutes late, I found a note outside A1 classroom saying that our teacher was sick and our lessons will resume tomorrow. Unfortunately I cannot go home instantly because Baba (my dad-in-law) would pick me up @ 7.30 pm. Also,  I did not have a mobile phone at that time, nor my phone book was with me, [I did not memorize his mobile no.  either 😦 ] so I couldn’t call to let him know that I could go shopping with him and we could go home early.  Since it’s resting time at home, the phone lines were in silent mode, nor Theo answered his mobile when I called him through a nearby kiosk. Ack! the phone lines were silent from 2.30pm – 6.00 pm because of siesta. Yeah, Theo’s family can be traditional about this one. Lol.

So I thought, maybe I’ll take a walk at the park and wait for him to pick me up.

Located at Stratou Avenue, the park has never been empty, even during rainy days. It has its own café area with artificial pond, which has been the home of local turtles. The park has also been used before for some events in the city like the  Thessaloniki Flower exhibit, but that did not happen this year. The flower exhibit was transferred to HelExpo.

With my small handbag and with my camera, I looked around the park. It’s funny that when you’re by yourself, you see people nothing but couples. I do not know why  this “thinking” occurs to me once in a while. I just let myself run to the thought of   “what if Theo is here…”.  I must have felt lonely that day. Probably because of the weather, too? I get dizzy with Spring weather, that I know for a fact and that it makes me more moody than winter.

I reached the arch road of the pond and I saw the perfect pair to pass my time!

Well actually… I am not sure which was the male or the female or if both were of the same gender. I took a few shots of the tiny creatures, nevertheless. One, on top of a rock while looking down the water, the sun’s reflection produced a very bright light as a result on my photo. Most of my photos focused on these two. They are the ones strayed from a bale of turtles 10 meters away from their place.

In Greek, “turtle”  is called, ” χελώνα “ (khe-lo-na).  If it’s a ‘ sea turtle’,  “θαλάσσια χελώνα” (tha-la-siya  khe-lo-na). The “Caretta-caretta” is a famous type of sea turtle in Greece that is under preservation to this time.

Ta leme sidoma,
(See you soon)


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