Foggy Afternoon…

October 14,2010 –

Autumn … it’s my favorite season although it’s cold. In Greek it is called, “Φθινόπωρο”, (fthi-no-po-ro).  It is interpreted as  “a decline of vegetation.” From archaic Greek.

“Autumn” on the other hand derived from the Old  French, “autompne”. And later in Latin it became, “autumnus.”
Actually the start of Autumn this year (in Thessaloniki) was mentioned by my mom-in-law to “have started a bit earlier” compared  to last year.  I think she’s right. Last year, I was spraying water outside the house days before my brother’s birthday. We also had gone out to see “γιαγιά”  Fotini (ya-ya = grandmother)  at the hospital,  days before she died — with me wearing 1 layer of cloth, my scarf, and then just my thin coat. But this time, inside the house I’m already wearing the same amount of clothes that I wore for winter. It’s not like because we don’t have a heater, but our heater cannot be used all throughout the day because the petroleum is not enough. Filyro town has no municipal gas pipe line, yet.  And electric heater is the last option in the house. I hope the government will make effort to adjust the needs of the petrol delivery stations so these stores can open earlier because our heaters will need refill by Saturday or Sunday this week. And it’s freakin’ cold!

So it’s Foggy… and the plum tree of the neighbor is leafless. Like me. My vision is foggy – I feel naked – and I miss a lot of things in life.

But I understand why I feel this way. 🙂 I still have a long way to go to achieve my life’s goals. Let’s see what will be the changes in next Autumn.

Ta leme,

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