Mountain view

In Thessaloniki, you have a great view of the mountain, wherever you go. Well, unless you’re far down the city center and between a 6th  floor building. The only time you will see mountains and body of water is when you’re at the rooftop or when you live around Toumba and upper city area.

Northern Greece is famous for its mountainous terrain. Once an ancient Macedonian’s empire, even after the conquest of Roman and Ottoman empire,  it retained its name and title as a region of Macedonia. Do not confuse this with the Republic of Macedonia country which was formerly called FYROM. There’s a territorial and identity issue about Greece and FYROM from the past and it continues until now. In short, the FYROM country named their country Republic of Macedonia because they believe that the real Macedonians are them and that the ancestors of Alexander the Great was from there and not in Greece.

Well it’s a complicated matter for me to discuss. Let’s just say… let’s believe through evidence and what the historian experts say, ok? Of course, we already have an idea who is making-up-stuff and who is not. ^_^

Thessaloniki City bears the name as the capital of the Region of Macedonia.

This photo was taken inside the car while we were on stand by for the green light.

The mountain is not a part of Mt. Olympus. I do not know its name but I know that we pass through it every time we go down from  Filyro and when we go back home. The buildings that you see are old buildings built during the modernization era of Thessaloniki.

Lush green and panoramic scenes, are some of the reason I love Thessaloniki. I maybe living in a sub-urban area, meaning in a  village which is  now included in the city area’s developing plan, but I don’t dislike it. Well let’s say  there were moments I don’t like the curve roads but that’s less of my concern. I consider myself lucky; lucky that I get a chance to avoid air pollution of the city, the busy traffic, and the city noise. Everyday, I can open our room’s window and indulge in the  smell of fresh air. I tell you, they smell different every season. 🙂

Also, there are fruits that are cheaper than downtown’s price because the local farmers around here harvest them from their own lands: that is beside their houses. During Spring and Summer you can have a nature exercise without anyone disturbing you. And in Filyro, there’s the best local Gyro shop: “Mimi’s!” 😀 It’s cheaper than downtown’s price Gyro shops;  its owner is from Filyro so he makes sure his products are always good or else he will  get a bad reputation. And most especially  I prefer living in Theo’s family house. Where I can look at the greenery at the backyard while sipping coffee or the cold frappe during Spring and Summer and for a little entertainment, I gratify myself looking at our  neighbors Plum trees during Spring when their flowers are blooming, as well as get some of the cherries from the cherry tree of another neighbor. Lmao.

I learn to appreciate Thessaloniki’s mountainous side –  if you can call it that way. It is a sanctuary for people that wants to live their life peacefully. A place for different species of birds and wild animals to live in. Whenever I look upon the huge rocks and green fields while travelling on bus or car, it let me imagine that somewhere in these mountains, the ancients must’ve passed on it, bathe on it, picked flowers and fruits on it, hunt wild animals on it, and found love through it.

Ta leme,


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