Standing Alone…

Once a part of a glamorous ancient Roman empire, this remaining column survived natural disasters and decay. It is the only,  still completely intact column when an ancient agora/forum/market  was excavated  in 1962.

During the Roman era in Thessaloniki, there’s a time that the city was  a “tax-free” city.

The term “αγορά” (a-gho-ra) in Greek means  “a public place for assemblies and speech”.  Later on, it also means, “market”.  In Roman language it is called, “a forum”. That’s why it’s either called Ancient Market or Forum.

From “αγορά”, the verb “I shop” is “αγοράζω (a-gho-ra-zoo) and “I speak in public”, “αγορεύω” (a-gho-re-vo), rooted from.

A person that is afraid being around people has  “αγοραφοβία” (a-ghora-fo-vi-ya) , well at least that’s what my husband told me what it means in Greek. But if you want to look for its meaning in English,  “agoraphobia”, don’t be surprised that it’s a tiny-bitsy-different from its meaning in Greek.

I made a short blog last year about Thessaloniki’s Ancient Agora. Here.

I may have to write a newer one because there are new changes (like a small Museum recently opened this July) so as to update some stuff about it.


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