No car can fly on its own…

(The picture was taken somewhere from an old air force field , along our way out from the isolated beach. How did it get there, I have no idea. Probably Boeing 747 made a mistake where to land it, lol. )

Let me take this chance to talk about an uncommon and most-of-the-time misunderstood topic: Nudism

Last summer 2009,
my husband and I would drive around Χαλκιδική (please check pronunciation @ google translator) , also known as Halkidiki or Chalkidiki in other languages. There is a place called “Αγίος Μάμας” (Aghios Mamas = of Saint Mama. ‘Mama’ is a man’s name here) and it’s located in the Municipality of Πολύγυρος (Po-li-ghi-ros) . The municipality  is also known to be the capital town of the  Prefecture of  Χαλκιδική ” in Central Macedonia. The picture was taken over there.

At “Αγίος Μάμας”, we go there every summer to get a natural whole-body-tan. My husband and I love the quiet and not crowded beach. The people  love their privacy  by distancing themselves from each other 50 meters away or more; naked or half-naked.

At that beach area:

People like us who do not hate gays can become very annoyed seeing both sexes masturbating or having sex from our eye-sight. We also hope it does not become a couple’s sex beach, where all those condoms and napkins were left on the sand. -___- *We’ve seen a few…*

Undeniably, we’re one of those people that want to relax by just lying down or  sleep naked  in an open sea air and we  would gladly appreciate  no-sex-scene conditions.

One time, we found two men masturbating inside the water while looking at each other. After about 5 minutes that they were off from the sea, a woman with 2 kids appeared and called one of them. That same day too, an old hairless- chest man came and passed by. He sat 10 or 15 meters away from us. Then, from where he was, a young man was lying on the sand, on his own. The young man walked away after a few minutes. I do not mean to be a “MEAN” observer, but, the attitude of these men who wants to hold their rod in public  as a means of building up their ego is quite annoying. There are famous nude beaches which became gay beaches in the end, so why don’t they go there instead? They will be noticeable.  That means they can easily get a partner or do an orgy and who would care about them ’cause they have the same agenda. Right?

At the beach, there are families staying over with their children. Imagine, while they’re having an outdoor BBQ or playing tic-tac-toe or swimming, suddenly couples start fucking right in front their eyes. I’m not saying it is not happening in other European countries, of course it is. But, should ‘having sex or initiating sex’ be exposed to the public, most especially to young people, through this way? Kids learn from what adults let them see.


This is an unofficial public beach of Northern Greece so people can do anything they want. So you can wear clothes or not, it’s up to you.  But it’s been noted in an American Nudist Blog, that this area is considered an un-official Nudist’s beach.

When you say Nude beach, nudists like me and my husband do not have that “sex on the beach” concept. We belong to the free-thinkers nudism group of people (naturalism is the other term) that take Nudism’s objectives different from those sex-deprive and sex-craving perverts and voyeurs.

Free your spirit. Free your mind. Free thy Body.

The ancient Greek athletes would actually play nude.  “Γυμνός” (Ghim-nos) in Greek is “nude”. Where the athletes train to join Olympic games or any public sports  is called, “Γυμνάσιον” (ghim-na-sion).  They’re not doing physical training only, but at the γυμνάσιον”, they also teach philosophy, literature and music, and art. So it became a source of knowledge as public libraries were also nearby. It is also a place where philosophers and sophists would assemble to give lectures. Nudism is  associated with the social and spiritual lifestyle of men during that time.

They also consider the body as an art. That’s why nudity in any art form were very common.

Back in Philippines,  when people hear  “nude beach” or “nudism”, they would call it “bastos”. That’s a Filipino term.  In other words, perverted…immoral. But to those who value nudism, we have a different concept about it. Please read below an excerpt from Natalie Aranda.

Today, in what are called nudist colonies, or nudist resorts, people are selectively removing most of all of their clothing. This has led to some myths about nudity, or naturalism, as it is sometime called. One such myth is that nudity is immoral. The reason is seen as sexual in nature. It may be thought of as erotic or pornographic, but still sexual. In fact, nudist do not see themselves as either voyeurs, people who have a prurient interest in seeing naked bodies, or exhibitionist, people who have a prurient interest in being seen naked. In fact, the truth is that most nudist view it as a natural state and our purest form. They state we are born naked, so how can it be evil to be naked? They also extol the health benefits. The exposure to sunlight is good in that it leads to the production of vitamin D in the body. On the other hand, our increased knowledge of the causes of skin cancer has led sun block to be part of the nudist’s equipment.”

The Germans were the first to organize a Nudist organization. Read further, HERE.

” Without clothes, a person’s social status is unnoticeable, which eliminates the differences that are the result of different financial status. ”

I also like the excerpt from Aileen Goodson’s book, “Therapy, Nudity, and Joy.”

As Greek religion declined and was replaced by philosophy, Socrates often advocated nudity as a form of honesty. “ It is clear from this that the ancient Greeks sought balance–their goal of The Golden Mean in individual accomplishments as well as in matters of state.”

Read MORE Nudism Overview of  ‘Ancient – Modern Cultures‘ – HERE.

I find it funny that now I am in Greece, I learned that Nudism here is not very popular on  contrary to what the Navy and Marine people had said, in Philippines .  Why? Because the society here is very Orthodox. Meaning, mentality is backwards, compared to other EU countries.  Greeks and Greek-cultured citizens are far from their ancient ancestors. A country with more elderly than younger population, it’s highly “unlikely”  for the younger generation to initiate Nudism. Even in official nude beaches, they’re not very common because these beaches are mostly packed with tourists than Greek themselves. But the tourists like coming back to Greece (especially Germans) to enjoy being nude. Some of them walk in a normal beach, half-naked. It’s not a normal scene.  But you don’t see men getting head over heels with naked women. Unlike what I recalled seeing in Philippines and how the men I knew reacted to the term “nudism”.

Here are my afterthoughts about nudism.

Due to cultural differences especially with the influence of  religions in our society (Christian, Muslim, others who despised nudism), we have  different opinions about it. Even though I grew up from a Christian country, I perceive nudism as a way to relax, to be naturally comfortable, to train my senses to be more sensitive. I have a change of perception because of my husband’s influence and by getting exposed to different cultures. It is not a perverted act to be nude. The idea that makes nudism perverted is when someone is exposed to the idea that says, it is perverted, immoral, indecent, obscene, therefore it’s a sin to be nude. To those perverts, they always associate nudism with “sex.” Well here is what I can tell them.

Can you only have sex when you are Nude?

I think lewd things even when my husband is covered in winter blanket.

Do I think lewd things to do with him when we’re naked? Yes, but Not all the time. Seeing each other nude doesn’t mean our testosterone (his)  and estrogen (mine) are making us like dogs on heat. Sexy dresses are actually more provocative than being nude. Or if you can call a Kimono and a Hambok sexy, men gets turn on looking at women in those clothes, too.
And of course, people still have sex on the beach even if they aren’t nude. So I guess, let’s try to respect others and practice self-restraint if possible because there are those who do not like seeing people having sex in the water. Especially if it’s a public domain.

It takes discipline to embrace change.

Ta leme,

Note: Dark Gray texts means a reference link is available.


2 thoughts on “No car can fly on its own…

  1. It’s ok “lost” if you disagree. but it would be nice to point out which of the many things I said you don’t agree with. ^_^

    Remember this is my own personal observation and view and the posted links and “excerpt” quotes, are support from people that has same interests as mine.

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