Kite-flyer Day

February 15, 2010 –

On  a windy day, Greeks were celebrating  “Καθαρά Δευτέρα” (Ka-tha-ra Dhef-te-ra)  known as “Clean Monday.”  It is worldly known as ‘Ash Monday’, Monday of Lent or Pure Monday.  It is the first day of the Eastern Orthodox Christian great lent.

On this day too,  the tradition continues that whenever it is Clean Monday, it is time to celebrate the opening of Spring Season. It is a holiday throughout Greece as well as Cyprus.

People go out to have picnic with family and friends without eating meat or dairy products. It is also a great time to fly kites, so my husband and I visited a park nearby the Thessaloniki’s Zoo Park to catch the activities going around. This photo represents an elderly couple. Regardless of age, people fly kites uphill to commemorate their tradition.

Ta leme,



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