(This photo was taken last July 11, 2009 @ Nea Potidea, Halkidiki)

My husband and I decided to stop by in that area after a heavy summer rain.  As we were relaxing on a bench, we saw a gypsy family with their car and tent parked outside an unfinished house. Or was it an unused government building, I cannot be sure anymore since it was a year ago. And they say you cannot trust your memory all the time. True.

What I can’t forget were these children running around freely. It was hilarious to see the naked boy and to hear his sister shouting while waving her hands, for him to stop moving around. She was actually stopping him not to do his “toilet moment”, yet. He did not listen but kept running downwards – to the sea area. After a short while, the two of them returned and the girl was wiping his butt with a small towel. So you can guess what happened. ^_^

Greece is not exception for having gypsies around. They do whatever they like. They do not go to school. They do not want to mingle with the modern society. This  “freedom”  they have is not illegal in Greece, but they do not contribute anything beneficial to the country either. Well that’s what I’ve been told.  (I can be wrong so enlighten me.) This same freedom makes some people envy them. Because they can be themselves and no one is stopping them. Perhaps this carefree attitude was what attracted me to follow these children around and that’s why I managed to take a shot of them, overlooking the ocean.

The sister that look after her little brother, reminded me of myself when I was little and my siblings were much younger.

On this picture, the big sister asked her little brother to stop moving so much, instead look at the ocean. To me it is a sentimental scenery and it’s a one-second-remembrance of the connection between siblings. For how many times nature had witnessed such a beautiful connection?

Ta Leme,
Nessy San

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