A second of Peace and Tranquility

November 7, 2010 – a week of sunshine.

It is Autumn season and while some parts of the world are having early snow or typhoons and hurricanes or extreme heat, the people of Thessaloniki is enjoying its sunny days instead of gloomy, wet, and windy weather. A month ago, the sudden decrease in temperature made us believe that winter arrived very early this year, but this month, the irregular rainy and sunny weather, will point you wrong because it feels like it is early Spring. So far, it’s considered a blessing to the country. Amidst the economic and political crisis going on, a sunny day will let you walk outside your house then visit the sea area and watch the sunset concealing the city. It is a better thing to do especially if you don’t have a satellite  or internet connection, rather watch local channels on the television. In a four season country, you have to grab the sunshine as much as you can. When winter comes, you will miss the natural warmth of the environment. Well at least that’s for me and my husband because we’re both “heliophilos”. ^_^

[Let’s do a bit of Greek language! I didn’t do this in the previous photo because I was in a hurry and tried to be specific as I could. So what’s the Greek word for “sun”? It is called “Ἥλιος”, pronounced as “il-yos”. This refers to the sun-God, who is a Titan. Later on, there are stories that “Apollo” is also regarded as the “God of Light / Sun.” But originally, according to Homer,  “Ἥλιος” is from a Titan clan. Take note that Apollo is an Olympian God. That makes a difference if you tell a story which Sun God or God of the Sun you are referring to. Here’s what I love about Greek words because they’re easy to use to form compound words. For example,  “Heliophilos”, is a term for people who loves /  are attracted to sunlight. “Philos” literally means “friend” in Greek and it is spelled as, “φίλος” , also pronounced as “philos”. ]

I maybe happy but I know there’s something wrong with the weather system. There’s no helping it since this is the effect of more than 50 years of carbon dioxide intoxication in the atmosphere. Let’s say, one of the things to blame is the production of cars. Why didn’t they make hybrid cars sooner?  They maybe helping (a bit only, but better than nothing at all) the environment but they sucked in design. It makes you think, they don’t want you to buy hybrid cars because they looked horrible. But thanks, it looks like my whine had been heard before I spoke, lol. They’re designing hybrid cars better now. I also like the electric cars like the ones made by Tesla at California. I hope that they can manage to discover/create a material that could efficiently run electric cars and  equip them with less weight from those tons of batteries (literally “heavy-duty”) that need to be changed every 5 years.

Ta Leme,
Nessy San


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