Contemplation in the cold…

December 15 – I spent my afternoon walk inside the Day Care Center children’s playground.  It is the nearest playground from where we live but it is not the only one in Filyro.

The white ground had a mix of dry leaves and mud. The main path may have been covered by snow, but I found my way through it. I figured out that I can avoid falling or slipping if I step on the untouched pile of snow. Never step on the shiny, crystal ice area nor on someone’s footprints. Unless you have shoes that have spikes at the bottom.  In the area where I took this photo, it was easier to walk because the layer of snow was thinner and the then moistened, dry leaves helped me too.

As I went deeper into this forest-style playground, I found some old wooden benches.  Although I wasn’t able to sit on any of them, I imagined myself sitting and contemplating ; with a hot chocolate mug between my hands.

I wish Theo and I could spend some moments like that in Winter, but he is not fond of the season regardless of the gears he wore.

So I can only imagine. ^_^

Ta leme,


2 thoughts on “Contemplation in the cold…

  1. Thank you for dropping by, Akar. ^_^
    I was told by my husband thesame thing you said and I only nod. I hate the cold but I love the white scenery. Just how complicating the mind is, hahaha!

    Khronia Polla!

    Filakia, Nessy

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