Winter Gray Cones

I thought at first that this is a Pine tree, but I was wrong. When I searched the internet, I found out that it’s a type of a Cypress tree. I never expected the word “conifer” would emerge on my vocabulary once again and that Pine and Cypress trees belong to it.

Pine and cypress trees dominate Northern Greece because of the cool, mountainous climate. Practically, the entire Europe is abundant of them because of their geographical location on the planet. This is a notable characteristic of places in the northern hemisphere.

During ancient time, cypress trees were often mentioned.  It is associated with “pain, grief, sorrow,  and the afterlife.” They are used to make a funeral casket or used as spot where a dead should be buried. It’s also been used to protect the Egyptian mummies. 

“Κυπάρισσος” (ki-pa-ri-sos) it is called in Greece, in English it is known as, “Kyparissos”, derived from the latin form.

In ancient mythologies, it is sacred to the Goddess Artemis  from which the land they were born is rich of it and to Apollo’s beloved man whom he transformed into a cypress tree. In ancient Rome, cypress branches were offered to the dead. Until now that culture continues. When a Pope dies, he shall be placed in a casket made from a cypress tree.  In a Persian garden it is used as an important garden accessory. In Turkey it symbolized the universe. For the Ottoman Empire, it is “the tree of life.”

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Happy Winter 2011!



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