My favorite word in Spring.

I have alot of favorite words but the past 2 years of my life in Greece, and when it’s Spring, there’s this one particular word that comes out of my mouth and I have a habit of shouting it out loud as soon as I see the object or objects where my favorite word came from.


Πεταλούδα is the word for “butterfly” in Greek. If they are many, it’s called “Petaloudhes” (Πεταλούδες). What’s even lovelier about this word is that it is made up of 2 Greek words, Πετάω και Λολούδια. Petaw and Loloudhia means, “To Fly” and “Flowers”. So ‘Petaloudha”  literally means in English, “the flower that flies.”

Now tell me, how can I not choose it as a favorite Greek word? The ancient Greeks managed to name butterflies in a suiting way and it sounds beautiful, too! Hahaha, I am exaggerating I know. Let me have this moment since it felt like forever that I haven’t written anything here. But something that fly and something that is colorful, like the beautiful flowers in Spring, is something one don’t want to miss after a long winter.

The picture above was taken from the garden, where a neighbor’s Paskhalia tree is half-hanging in our backyard. Whenever it’s “Easter”,  it always bloom with purple beauties and they also smell strongly reaching the 3rd floor balcony of the house. I say, I like its smell when the flowers were put inside the kitchen because it gets rid of the fishy scent. The tree’s beauty radiates more when ‘white-orange and black-brown-orange butterflies’ gather around to do their “monkey business” of pollination. When I finally finished planting the flowers, I run upstairs to get my camera because I saw the butterflies gathering around. I couldn’t help myself on clicking my small digi-cam, forgetting that it wasn’t charged after being used a day ago.  I managed to take a few photos of the apple tree flowers with the butterflies until the battery run out. So far they produced good results than I  expected.

Before I forget, the flower of the tree is called  “Πασχαλιά” or ‘Paskhalia’. When mom-in-law was asked why it’s called that way, she just said because it blooms in  Πάσχα. ‘Paskha’ is ‘Easter” in Greek.

Should I also mention that “petaloudha” is the first insect in Greek that I memorized? 😀

Ta leme,


One thought on “My favorite word in Spring.

  1. By noticing your likeness about thr Greek language, allow me to tell you that the Greek language is the only language that every word has a meaning. (though i keep a safe distance from “only”)


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