A Little Paradise

It was August, the last month of Summer. Out on our own, me and my husband decided to pursue this little beach area we found on our way to Siviri. If I wasn’t wrong, it’s still in the area of Moudania. To get there, you will have to find the huge advertising banner of a Radio Station in Halkidiki. Then you can see a large parking space. It looks like it’s really made for this isolated beach area.

I remember that day was very exciting, it makes you want to try something new. It was our first time together to come to this little paradise.

But the way to paradise is not easy. We have to go down a hill. An experience that me and hubby actually don’t like. Thinking back in our days in California, we went to “Black beach” only to almost get us killed. Eversince then, it remained a bad memory.

When I said to my husband, “Pame?”, he hesitantly nod. I get it why. And then I told him that it’s not a long way below. And also, the slope is not very high. He actually took the first step and I followed. I was the one that was whimpering because of my altophobia. Not too long, we reached the bottom of the hill – it was gorgeous! Looking atop, you can see the clear blue sky and this huge rock where we were on its top earlier. We looked around for pathways to the other side of the rock and we found one, leading to more black, flat rocks. But we saw a naked butt lying on one of them so we decided to stay near the entrance. It was a very, very fascinating place. The water was warm (due to its closure location), the rocks were bigger and rougher though. But I laid on a bed of round, smooth rocks, while feeling the splash of waves touching my back. I felt comfortable and very relaxed. The whole afternoon we were there was similar to the feeling when we reached the “Crocodile Island” in Boracay island last 2006. We couldn’t see anyone around so it was Jane and Tarzan running freely – and naked. I couldn’t ask for more that day. We sheltered from the torching heat of God Ilios behind the huge limestone wall. Later, we used the umbrella that was left by whoever-who-left-it-there. It wasn’t necessary for us to bring our own beach umbrella. But I remember these huge ants running towards our food. It was disgusting, but I was more afraid to be bitten by any of them. So we transferred our things once in awhile to another corner, then to another. Until we decided to leave our bags in a corner , without food inside.

Then we went back atop with happy thoughts. It won’t be long until we reached our little car – broken and a 3 euro missing. YES, 3 euro. How could he take the 3 euro and not the expensive sunglass of my dad-in-law? Or the car’s radio? Our paradise experience a few hours ago slowly slipped away. The magical feeling was sliding as we headed home. My husband was talking about how the burglars destroyed the keyhole of the car doors so the car can’t be locked properly anymore. Unfortunately, the car alarm wasn’t working properly anymore so we didn’t hear a loud noise. We saw some mercedez and audis beside our old and small Hyundai town car…have they been burgled too?

We came home with half-smile faces. But after that incident, sometimes we remember the great times we had in that place – and so is the worst. Perhaps one day we will learn to accept the worst experience and feel not sad about what happened that August of Summer 2011.

Regardless of what happened, this place is gorgeous! Maybe avoid their parking lot. Park at the town area, 5 minutes away from this spot.



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