A June’s Lost Bird

A June's Lost Bird

Spring was already over, yet, in summer more birds are hatching. When you see and hear loud chirping at the backyard, you know that winter is far ahead. Then one day, I found this little one while cleaning the balcony. It was a very warm day and I took the broom and dustpan out of the balcony in preparation for me and my husband’s lunch outdoor. I was cooking beef menudo that day. I wanted to match it with cold vanilla ice cream shake. But who would expect another type of food would come? (I am kidding. ^_^ )

After food were done, I checked the eating area and there I found a beak-less birdie. It was sulking on its own at the corner. Its wings look broken and its limping, too. My dad-in-law got a small box with small holes above to cover it then he left bits of food inside. After a few hours it wasn’t eating much. That’s because its upper beak was broken. It only had its nose; thankfully it can breath. So I thought I should feed it with my own hands. And that’s what I did. Every 2 hours I go down and fed it. We got some boiled rice, mashed rodakino (peach) and water. Little birdie chewed all the food I gave him.

The next day, my dad-in-law heard loud chirping outside and the next thing we knew, little birdie was gone. I guess it recuperated enough so it was able to fly again. Well, little chick is finally back in mid-air. Up to this day, I wish that  it grew into a better flyer and its upper beak back in shape.

*Photo was taken last June 28, 2011*



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