Sunset and a Dog

It was July of Summer 2011 when I spent  a date with my soulmate at the seashore of Thermaikos Gulf.  Here in Thessaloniki city, they call that area fully cemented with proper pavements – “Paralia.” The whole seashore of Thermaikos Gulf passes over Nikis street where you will see alot of cafes and restaurants. It is populated during Summer, half during sunny days of Spring, and less congested during Winter.

On a busy, bright night, while people are buzzing about their everyday events, a certain creature caught my attention. Perhaps tired of looking at unfamiliar faces, my dizziness melted away as the image of this creature came into sight. The photo was about a dog that I found chewing a piece of cloth. Probably he found it somewhere nearby then decided to lounge comfortably in one spot of the seashore, while sunset was slipping away fast. This dog is among the dozens you could find around the “Paralia.” Some are strays, some are not. Stray ones –  is like this one. He comes here everyday. Probably. Because it’s not the first time I’ve seen him there. This dog didn’t mind the hundreds of pair of footsteps passing by; ignoring as well the other dogs that barked at him. He fondly played with the cloth he had.  Isn’t it cute?

Sometimes, I wish I am like this dog. Concentrating on one thing and ignoring the unfamiliar ones. I wonder though. Is that dog killing time only? It was a very nice and warm evening. A great time to relax.



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