Thistle in Summer

Thistle in Summer

*Photo taken at Filyro July 2011*

One warm day, is of course a good day to walk around the forest area of Filyro. But that day, my husband and I took the pavement road for our 2-hour outdoor exercise. At some point in Filyro, you will reach a wide-open space overlooking Thermaikos Gulf from above. You can also see the harbor, its ships, and the glistening body of water. It makes you feel like jumping down below, but when I realize how silly that idea is, my husband is already laughing. ^___^

And along the way, you can find many wild flowers and plants growing everywhere. One of them is this “Thistle” flower. You will never expect it to grow into this beautiful, purple-pink flower when it’s winter. It’s thorny stem look so dry and grayish. But when Spring comes, you will see it budding. Then much later, you will find a beautiful bloom on top of its thorny stem.

A legend in Scotland tells that the Thistle said to have saved the Scottish from the invasion of a Norse army. When a barefoot Norse army stepped on it, he cried in so much pain that alerted the Scottish army. Thistle has also been used for several things in Scotland. It is used on emblems, coins, as well as football teams.

I think this type of Thistle is called, “Milk Thistle”. Of course, I am not an expert in Botany so you can ignore the previous sentence. 😛

When I took this photo, it was a bit windy and I have to time carefully when to click. I used my husband’s old Olympus camera (FE-115). The insect on top of the thistle was quite busy to notice a stalker’s presence. ^_^


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