Relax at Lake Volvi

Last August 19, 2011 – I took this photo of my husband while he’s resting from our first 45-minute walk in Lake Volvi. He is overlooking at this body of water with admiration, because it is the 2nd largest lake in Greece. When I found the information of the lake online, we didn’t expect it would be in Thessaloniki. The time we went there was actually  to check their natural spring spa therapy for my dad-in-law, who is suffering from muscle and nerve pain.

From Filyro, we headed to Ignatia Highway. We already have an idea where to go after checking google map. And also because we’ve been before to a smaller lake nearby called, Lake Koronia in Agios Vasilios. What I love about Theo and me only in the car is that even if we are lost, we don’t fight. We get lucky to figure out immediately a way to get back on track. I told him that I wanted to visit the upper area of Lake Volvi, Mikra Volvi. But instead, we ended up to the direction of Apollonia Town after going through the town of Skholari.  Along the way, I remember looking at wide sunflower fields. They were dried already so we did not stop for a photo session. Alot of corn fields, too. I was fascinated because I was seeing a different part of countryside Thessaloniki. As we continue, we tackled an old highway  to reach the town of Apollonia. You get a closer look of the lake from above while on the road. It has more water and indeed, larger, compared to the lake in Agios Vasilios.

We finally found the therapy ground of Apollonia. It was full of elderly people, that wasn’t surprising at all. There were a few young people like us who were walking around, but not inside the spa hotel and bath tub. Yes, we were shown of the bath tubs. Fortunately we only found 1 person per tub and they were not totally naked. Lol. After getting the information we needed, we decided to look around. The place actually is well-developed and maintained properly. There were apartments or mini-hotels for people who would like to stay however long they like. I have to mention that the Municipality of Apollonia is the one handling the business there. It has a traditional cafe and restaurant near the entrance and a few more buildings for rent.

As we went towards the area of the lake, we saw alot of white geese and ducks. There’s a proper walking path and a fishing boat is available  for rent if you want to venture in the water area. The geese are so adorable that I took alot of their photos. I also run after them and they never attacked me, instead runaway from me. I made Theo laugh so much about that scene.

The afternoon walk with the lake’s wind touching your face brought a relaxing feeling. Theo and I walked back and forth and the road felt endless! We wanted to see how far we can go but I don’t think we reached a quarter portion of the lake. We laughed at the thought. But maybe we will go back there someday.

Here are a few things we think we can do in Lake Volvi:

1. Stay a few days for the spa therapy. Or a day only.
2. Go fishing. Perhaps it’s not too late for us to learn how to.
3. Try the traditional restaurants and cafes over there. They have one that says “Alexander the Great”.
4. Try boating in lake Volvi.
5. Enjoy the scenic drive while going there by car or motorcycle.
6. Walk and jog for hours. It looked safe with visible roads along the lake.
7. Have a Picnic.
8. Do yoga?

I hope to come back early summer so I can take photos of the sunflower fields on the way. 😀


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