On this Day…

Today is May 22, 2012. It’s sunny in the morning. And later on it rained. The clothes that were almost dried, were wet again from the sudden afternoon rain. I was out walking with husband and the dog. So we came back home drenched and laughing hard, but we still consider it a good day. But what was it like last year May 22?

Me and a few  friends through a group called “Thessaloniki Meet-up” went to Epanomi to a place called “Kima”. It is a beach bar and cafe` along the seashore of Epanomi. It has proper parking area so you don’t have to worry finding a spot. It was also relatively big. Coming  from the entrance to the bar area has been a long way. But no worries for disabled people who will be on a wheelchair because they have a ramp. Along the way , you will enjoy looking at the greenery. They have palm trees and some tropical plants. The pavement is also convenient even for people wearing heels. When you reach the bar, you are at one part where there are couches and rectangular coffee tables. But me and friends chose to stay farther away – on a square coffee table and soft small chairs. It has a very good view of the ocean. In my opinion, this beach bar is nicely design and would also be a good place for receptions and other open parties. The music was a bit loud though. But we were lucky to get away from the loudest area. The service was ok. I’d probably go back there one day for photos and a walk on the seashore. I was told by my husband that Epanomi beach is nothing compared to Halkidiki beaches. So probably we won’t swim there. But it’ll be a good stop-over after we visit a Winery nearby.

On the picture is a good friend. Let me call her “Miss Lee.” I took her photo while sunset was drifting away. She is the first President of Thessaloniki Meet-up Group. 😀

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