Walking with Gina is always an experience

Walking with Gina is always an experience

Back in Filyro, I am able to do my outdoor exercise. I run, I jog, but I mostly walk – at peace with my surrounding, enjoying the greenery, and the smell of the trees in spring somehow bring comfort in my senses. It’s sunny – and that’s good enough!

With Gina walking with me, I get to see her excited behavior which I greatly appreciate. It’s great to venture in nature with a companion that you’re confident he or she is enjoying as much as you do! guess seeing happy beings  make me comfortable and relax.

Gina, like Irma (white shepherd that died last January 2011 – R.I.P. ICE QUEEN), is an adopted dog by the wife of my husband’s uncle. But they also left her , along with their cat  when they transferred to the city center.

Gina was a mix breed found outside the house gate. She was fed by the aunt, until she let her enter the compound. She never liked baths, so during a warm summer she’s quite smelly. I would sneakily throw a handful of water on her head once in awhile. She never goes away, so every time she smells and looking dirty, I wipe her off and comb away her hair. I also managed to make her follow some simple dog commands for the years I live with her. Cheese and bacon always work. ^_^

The photo was taken inside the forest area in Filyro. The two of us had discovered different trekking paths and sometimes we have to pass through some houses with nasty dogs. . So far, we were lucky not to meet a snake or a crazy dog that is willing to bite us. Lol.

Now that it’s getting to summer, I need to bring a water only for Gina everytime we go out. I’m also thinking of having a summer picnic; with trees around and birds chirping everywhere, and the view of summer wild flowers on our side. The dog won’t say no to grill meat. 🙂

Ta leme. I hope you have a good summer! We say it in Greek: ” Kalo Kalokairi”


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