When Ash became Ashley

At home, we have a house cat and her name is Booboo. But aside from her, we have “other cats” that my father-in-law love feeding. They are strays. When I arrive in Greece, they do not stay for too long outside the kitchen area. That time, Irma was not very weak yet and roams around the compound. She was known to be notorious towards cats and other stray animals coming to our territory. Aside from being a “Snow Queen”, our neighbors knew her as the “Cat Killer”. I would call her “The White Fang of 28th October”. Hehe! So all the cats go away immediately as soon as they smell her presence.

But when Irma became weak, the stray ones took advantage of her health problem. My father-in-law who was coping up with recession, turned his attention into feeding as many cats as he can  to distract himself from stress. He turned the kitchen garden a “cat’s territory.” Even Booboo sometimes get scared going through the kitchen door because there’ll be too many of them waiting for food especially when it is meal time.

Then I think last year, I found a gray kitty that played with me whenever I go to the garden. I named him “Ash”, “Staktis”, “Grizos”. Each of us in the family called him a different name. He was very energetic; the most observant stray cat so far, adorable and playable, and according to Theo – ” look intelligent”. He became my object of obsession. Then at some point, I saw him with a big belly. My husband told me that his tits were swelling. I was in shock. No wait, whole family was in shock. Ash is actually a female!

So when did Ash became Ashley? When he, I mean, she, became pregnant.


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