Spring in Pink …or purple

This is an anemone. I love these wild beings when I am outdoor and walking with Gina. I like it more when Gina is with me because she never complains that I am taking my time lying on the bed of a green field surrounded by the forest flowers. But with Theo? He would keep walking ahead and I’ll be left alone. That’s because when he stops full of sweat and it’s humid, he will quickly get a muscle neck pain. So it’s a mutual understanding between us. But with Gina, we would stop at some places and take our time to relax. She waits for me regardless when I will finish doing my “thing” and then we continue our outdoor exercise of 1.30 – 2 hour of walking.

Anemone has a beautiful meaning. It meant “daughter of the wind.” Its soft petals would gently sway back and forth when a wind passes by, just like a girl on a skirt dancing in daylight. I once picked some of it then placed on a vase. But it didn’t stay for too long. I think it was 2 or 3 days only. So the next time, I pulled it from the ground with its roots. It stayed for  4-5 days. I also found  the red anemones and those had stayed for more than a week.


2 thoughts on “Spring in Pink …or purple

  1. Nessy, What a beautiful flower and wonderfully expressive blog, I will certainly be following your page.

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