Summer is for Peaches!

I am not a Summer person
but my favorite of all things about it is:

Yes, whenever it’s warm and hot in Greece, my thoughts fly to my favorite Summer fruit. Those tangerine-yellow-colored, soft and tasty, succulent peaches.

The first time I had lots and lots  of fresh peaches was during my first 3 years in Greece. I came here in middle Spring 2009 and 4 weeks before Summer. And now I am spending my 4th Summer here. My mother-in-law  buys dozen of kilos of fresh peaches from the local “οπωροπώλης” (opo-ro-polis), a fruit seller in Filyrο. They are also known as “manavis“.  We make home-made marmalade and keep them for Winter, but of course, it cannot reach to that season because Theo and I would use all of it before middle of Autumn.

I started to use fresh peaches with ice cream, or with other fruits like watermelon, melon, honeydew, nectarines, and pears – but I like it best on its own. I like my peach fruit snack cold and fresh from the fridge before I devour it. Sometimes it is accompanied with feta cheese – imitating my mom-in-law. Theo loves peach smoothies. Almost everyday, we make smoothies of different fruits. We use seasonal ingredients and when it’s summer, nothing could beat fresh and succulent peaches! 😀 One of my fave recipes with peaches is yoghurt with either peach marmalade or fresh ones sliced in square, sometimes with the addition of honey. In coordination with a traditional Greek recipe of yoghurt, honey, and applesauce – this is my Summer version of that dessert.
With my current enthusiasm of “anthotyro”, a type of cheese in Greece that is almost similar to cottage cheese, last year I started making peach cheesecake. Once, I made  peach refrigerator cake – a common dessert in Philippines. Fresh peaches are the best! In Philippines, we use alot of canned ones when we make our desserts. I learned that the fresh ones are incomparable to it. Ah yes, sad to say although Filipinos love peaches, Philippines do not have this fruit as a local produce. But we have mangoes to substitute it. A much tastier, summer fruit.

So cheesecake…and peaches. The photo above is my first home-made peach cheesecake for this Summer. I used “anthotyro” instead of cottage cheese and for cream cheese, I had Philadelphia cream cheese – everything were bought from LIDL. The yoghurt I used was “Yogosan”, which almost have a similar cream cheese texture (rich and creamy) with a little sour cream taste. It’s a diet yoghurt. The topping is a home-made marmalade of mom-in-law. Due to the abundance of peaches, it is only 1 euro a kilo from where I live. She picks the 0.80 cents/kilo of very ripe ones, and oftentimes she haggles for 0.60 cents/kilo. We make marmalade out of them.

With the crumbs, I honestly did not like it very much. I modify recipes due to an old habit I acquired from my university days because we were often experimenting and modifying recipes in my Nutrition and Dietetics course. But on this cheesecake, it’s laughable that I used a lot of sugar and butter on my crust.  Poor Theo. Later on he kept repeating to me: ” This is a sin…a sin, a sin…”
Don’t get me wrong. We both love the crust, but with his current strict dieting, it is indeed sinful. It’s a shame he had to eat more than half of what I made in the next couple of days.

The Cream cheese and Anthotyro (substitute to Cottage Cheese) that I use everytime I make my personal cheesecake in Greece.

Enjoy your Summer!


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