On Vacation Morning Coffee

The night before we arrived in Skopelos island: exhausted and with the unexpected change of our accommodation, we surprisingly ended up spending our first night on a different apartment. We ate our first island ‘souvlaki-pita’ (also know as kebab on pita bread) which we bought from a gyro shop outside the place. I remember being ecstatic about it because in Skopelos it’s common to pay 2.20 for 1 order and it already has “tzatziki”, a cucumber & yoghurt garnish sauce/dressing, on it. In Thessaloniki, you have to pay extra for that in the same price. Later on, our days will be spent having souvlaki or gyros for dinner regularly. You can say we had the absolute-indulgence what Greek fast-food is like for the whole week. Sinful, but delectable – and spell CHEAP for them.

About the picture above, it is our first morning coffee while on vacation. Why I posted this? Aside from the fact that it’s our first time to be on a short holiday after 3 years of being married, Coffee, is the most important food of our day. Don’t you think so?

It was a memorable day as we were on a different place. The morning cool was somewhat the same as Filyro (in case you don’t know yet, I live in Filyro in Thessaloniki), BUT with a mix of an ocean breeze. It felt like we were in Boracay again. You know, that morning you woke up and realize you are in an island? But there’s nothing like grapes and lemon trees in Boracay. We were definitely somewhere in the Mediterranean.

On Tuesday morning, Theo woke up before me. I didn’t particularly slept very well last night because of my painful wound.
I got it from last night while I was dismounting the motorbike of our “supposed-to-be-tenant.” I hit my right foot on the exhaust. The whole night, my unlucky foot was diagnosed with a toothpaste (forgot to bring burn cream). Old remedy helped ease the pain but after a few hours I felt the sting again. First night the worst, they said? Looks like on this one, it’s applicable to me. Just on my foot though. The fast-food dinner was great; our temporary place? Not to our liking but it was tolerable. Theo slept pretty well he said so. And that’s the first thing that matters to me.

The pharmacy was closed at past 10pm last night, so as soon as Theo woke up, he went out to get some bandages. As well as our morning drug – coffee. He made the usual cold sweet coffee+milk that I like. It’s the same one that I have been drinking whenever it’s Summer in Philippines, California, and now in Greece. This style of coffee is not only because it is “coffee” but it also makes me feel closer to my roots. My grandma taught me how to drink coffee this way. During college days, I cut on milk and only drink coffee with sugar in a glass full of ice cubes. It was supposed-to-be a stress-reliever drink. I was wrong.
Because milk is very important. It is not only the source of protein, calcium, and fat, but also of other nutrients. Just make sure that the nutrients like A, B, and C vitamins – along with other minerals are present on the Nutritional Value list of your milk bottle/box. I was lucky to have no problems regarding lactose-intolerance, so I gratify myself on milk everyday. Other sources of milk are ice cream and other dairy products. You can indulge on milk varieties everyday with the wide selection! And to me, nothing beats a nice, cold coffee with fresh stirred milk – more importantly, prepared by the love of my life.

How was your summer vacation?

Ta leme,


2 thoughts on “On Vacation Morning Coffee

  1. Dear Nessy, I want to thankyou for adding my photo blog to your blog roll! Your lovely blog is on mine now as well. Hope your foot is o.k now. It must be a really nice island, Skopelos. Haven’t been there, but I’ve seen “Abba, the movie”! Hope your vacation was great, I guess you’re back home in Thessaloniki by now…

    • Dear Evain,

      Hello hello ! Thank you for dropping by! And also thank you for the wishes about my foot. Yes, it is healed now but it left a scar. It doesn’t bother me somehow. The good memories of Skopelos will always be in my heart and a scar won’t change the fact that we had so much fun over there. I hope you could visit it, too! 😀 See you~

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