A Child’s Feet

At the start of Autumn season,
my husband’s cousin who has triplets visited us. I saw them before and I can see that they’ve grown much in 4 months. It’s funny how they say they are triplets, but they have distinctive faces. One of them looks more like on the side of Theo’s uncle, and the other 2 from his wife. Generally, each grandparents’ genes contribute 25%  to their grandchildren. That’s why children have the tendency to look like their grandparents, too.

So how did I spend my day with them?

Though it was chaotic to look at them running around in different directions of the house and garden at thesame time, I had fun! They remember me and kept calling me to come down to the garden to play with them. They started asking me about the trees, the shrub, the wet soil, the little stream at the backyard and even the neighbor’s house. Despite of their shyness with cameras, I managed to take their photos.  Also making them behave, even for a tiny, tiny moment. 😀
They were interested to get flowers from the shrubs. I told them that if they answer my question correctly, I will give each one of them. Children are definitely innocent, and so pure I could cry! They smell sweet, their eyes sparkle with curiosity, their mouths open to laugh and scream confidently, and they ask you anything they do not understand. To me, these little devils are so “kawaii”!!! (Kawaii, a Japanese term meaning cute.) I tell you, I am drooling from their innocence.

One thing. I like it when Theo’s relatives come over and never laugh or criticize us or mock us for not having children yet. So I appreciate them for fully respecting our decisions to wait a bit more to make our own. Hopefully, the 3 kawaii little devils will have to play with our first born someday. 🙂

So Maria, Anastasia, and Georgia are the kawaii beings I played on that fresh-scented Autumn day. They do not call me “Auntie” but “Nessy”. I like it this way. When I left them to get the camera, they looked for me and screamed my name until they saw me at the door. Hahaha, I have never been so needed like this eversince my brothers and sister became adults. It was refreshing.

The photo above is one of the triplet’s feet. The flower shrub, unfortunate as it looks like, is one of the flowers I gave them when they answered my questions correctly. The kid here, I think is Maria. She stopped beside me to look at what I was doing. At that time, I was taking photos of the insects eating the shrub’s stem. She pulled the rim of my shirt and her tiny fingers pointed at the poor flower on the ground; shabby and bruised. I picked it up and told her she can’t put it between her hair and ear because it’s dirty. What I did, I put it between her shoes and told her not to move because I will take pictures. She followed me. Later on, the other 2 came and watched as they hear the “clicks”.  Then they asked if I am done. They wanted to see the photos on the camera screen. They were very polite. (Ah so cute!)

Afterwards, they tagged along as I walk around – taking photos of the neighbor’s apple trees. They were Very curious at what I was doing. I had a funny feeling knowing they’re watching me with their innocent eyes…my stomach felt weird and all I could do is control the funny feeling as 3 pair of shoes move along to the direction where I was going…

How was your first few days of Autumn season?



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