The Farm in Asvestokhori (Η Φάρμα στο Ασβεστοχώρι)

During my first year in Thessaloniki and one Spring afternoon, I visited H Φάρμα a.k.a. “The Farm.” It is located in Asvestokhori town.

I went there with my in-laws and husband because we were curious. We paid 4€ entrance, which included drinks. I remember a small farm, crowded with children and parents. We were surrounded with farm animals like fat pigs, a variety of chicken, a family of goat and sheep, noisy ducks, a horse family, shy rabbits, a sleepy cow, and a donkey greeting you at the entrance . But the most appealing of them all is the ostrich. The ostrich above is one of the few ostriches they have over there. Two years ago, I saw ostrich eggs. I wonder now if the babies are alive and well?

“The Farm” was a relatively small place for adults, but definitely good for kids to introduce common farm animals. Although, I find it weird that an ostrich was there. *chuckle*

So why I think that it’s good for kids to visit? Because the place has an enough space for parents not to lose their children. It would also be easy to follow them around. If they have questions about the animals, the staff are ready to answer them.

Why visit a farm for domesticated animals? Because here in Greece, children rarely see them in person. Domestic animals belong to places where the environment is for them. Away from local residents, and for sanitary purposes.

The Farm consists of animals that were vaccinated so they say “it’s considered safe” to touch them. They were relatively clean when we were there. The sad thing to listen was, ducks and chickens have gone missing.

You can go around the vicinity with easy access. My family enjoyed watching the ostrich; the neck protruding on the fence to pinch you unexpectedly or simply to get your food. My mom-in-law was pinched by one of them!  My dad-in-law carried an ostrich egg for the first time and it was quite heavy, he said. Going around, I remember seeing a small area for kids who want to go for an “Indiana Jones” short adventure. Some kids were playing hide ‘n’ seek over there. On the way, you will find souvenir items placed in stalls. There were animal skin for wall decor, bone jewelries, and some tribal products. They were also selling fur items. They look genuine! My favorite spot of the Farm is the horse’s area. There was a foal and the kids had fun feeding it. Beside the horse’s pen, was a ram. In astrology, he is my symbol! So I said HI to him. Hehe. It was a very cautious animal. Next to it is a black and white cow! Yes, and guess who were its acquaintances? Baby sheep and a group of adult sheep! They were quite cozy sleeping together. My camera was low bat so I didn’t get a photo of the lovely scene.

So after our curiosity was fed, we rested at the visitor’s shack. Inside, there’s a round and brick/rock  table with charcoal & wood on fire, where a pot was settled atop to boil water. We took turns to use the little kitchen in making our warm drinks. There was no staff to overlook us, so we were quite relaxed. I had a fresh, herbal tea. You can also make Greek coffee if you want. But everything was prepared in traditional way.

I remember warming ourselves inside for a li’l while before we decided to go back to the car. We stayed on the picnic area of the farm, where a donkey entertained us. Kids love it and they take turns to ride him; with the guide of a parent. There were a few cats sneaking on us. Too bad, we’re not having a picnic, but just relaxing after our afternoon walk.


2 thoughts on “The Farm in Asvestokhori (Η Φάρμα στο Ασβεστοχώρι)

    • Hello! Yes I think it would be a great experience for city kids! But I am not sure anymore if they are still open. We found their add before on a newspaper. Thanks for visiting my blog by the way. 🙂

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