Autumn last year, on this day…

Autumn is my favorite season in a 4-season country.

I always love the scenery: Maple trees turning orange to yellow and other trees that do the same thing. I look forward to the crackles of fallen acorn. Sometimes they hit my head and I laughed on my own. I have the tendency to day dream and it’s a nice way to get me back to my senses.

Last year, I started using my husband’s old battery-operated Olympus compact camera. My husband bought it in 2006 before meeting me in Philippines. It’s never been used after that. So by then, it was 5 years old.  I found it accidentally and decided to use it eventually since it had sentimental value. Also that camera can capture the natural color of a landscape. Though it’s quite bulky with a small screen and capable of taking 5.0 megapixel only, I had fun with it! So when my Pentax compact camera’s lens got destroyed (it was accidentally  thrown in mid-air by Theo last December 2009 and received a not-so-sophisticated landing on the ground of Aristotelous Plateia. LOL. RIP. ), I used the old Olympus in my rendezvous with nature. It’s been my friend and companion, until this year, when it kept shutting down and no battery could turn it on anymore…RIP to Nessy-Theo’s pappous (grandpa) camera.

Last year’s Autumn was memorable. Not only because of the bad things that happened, but also with the good ones. It was the first time I traveled on my own for example. 🙂

The photo above was one of the pictures I took using that old camera. I didn’t make any adjustment to the picture’s contrast or brightness. I added the texts only.

It  was the first time I visited this place in Autumn. To think it isn’t that far from our house. I never ventured inside (2009-2010) because I was afraid to go alone and the thought that I might get lost, added to the insecurity. That time too, I didn’t continue my Greek language class so no reason for me to travel down. Then, my husband started working in a nearby language school , and it gave me a chance not to go to the city center on daily basis, unlike before. I stayed most of the time in Filyro.  That time, I was pretty much depress and was seeing a couple’s psychotherapist because I didn’t know what to do with myself and it was affecting my marriage. I broke down that September and  lost myself. Though something this bad was going on, I found a peaceful solitude being with nature. It really helped a lot with my state of mind. It helped me think calmly foremost. Also, having  even the simplest compact camera at hand, helps  too. I practiced mostly on macro focus. I love this style of photography. Capturing the smallest detail of – anything! Unfortunately, for me it wasn’t enough for I have limited gadget and skills for this. It’s on my mind for the future , though! 🙂

The photo above is a remembrance of November 11, 2011. Yes, it was 11-11-11. Y^_^Y

It’s another meaning? See the white sports shoes? Those are mine… I took them off to include them in the photo. It was quite cold, I fairly say, but I was thinking that, ‘if I leave these shoes before entering this forest area, it’s like I am also leaving my depression and anxiety behind.’


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