Amadryas Restaurant

In Filyro, there is a beautifully-decorated Mediterranean restaurant/tavern called “Amadryas” (Αμαδρύας). It is difficult to ignore because every season , the trees surrounding it, among with other plants, also change with the season. My favorite view of this place is when it’s Autumn. Won’t you agree? 😀

The restaurant caters to traditional food. It has a very nice and homey venue with swimming pool and different garden location. Several weddings and celebrations are happening here especially during summer. At the moment, the pool is closed because of the cold season. Local people would come here to have a fine dining meal or simply for coffee. When it is summer, the pool is busy and lots of family coming over for kids to swim while parents are having coffee or frappe’.

How to get here by bus:
Take bus #64 from Neos Sidirodromikos Stathmos (Νέος  Σιδιροδρομικός Σταθμός) / N.S. Stathmos (OASTH Monastiriou),
So far the nearest Stasi (στάση) or station you need to get off is Artopiio (Αρτοποιίο). Walk straight and go down after you see the sign “To Amadryas”. Keep walking straight for 10-15 minutes. As soon as you see an area with maple trees and huge signboard, then you have reached Amadryas restaurant.

Things you can do after having a meal or coffee there:
Not far from the restaurant is the continuation of the main road of Filyro. But this part is special because it is filled with forest trees and shrubs. You can take a walk on the main road or go to the forest park in front of the restaurant where there are 3 roads to go for hiking. The 2 hiking areas that I like are in the direction of the Soccer Field of Filyro, left side. The acorn trees and some wild trees & shrubs that turn yellow during this season are abundant there.
Or if it’s after an afternoon coffee, afterward you can watch residents practicing soccer while sitting on  forest bench. Then if you have children with you, the children’s playground is for them. In summer, I saw people riding their bikes and small 4-wheel-drive vehicles while inside the forest.

What is it like in the place where you live during Autumn?



One thought on “Amadryas Restaurant

  1. Ανεπίτρεπτο! απο που να ξεκινήσουμε! το φαγητο απαισιο! απο μυρωδιά αλλα και από γευση! επιχείρησαν να μας το πουλησουν για σουβλα! ουτε τη σουβλα ουτε τα κάρβουνα ειχαν να μας δειξουν οταν τους το ζητήσαμε! το φαγητο στην καλυτερη περιπτωση ηταν χθεσινό. κοντοσουβλι που μύριζε σαν αρνι και ειχε γευση χαλασμενου κρεατος. Ανακατεύομαι και μονο που το σκεφτομαι! στο τελος μας εκοψαν 10€ απο το λογαριασμο (ενω τα κρεατα κοστιζαν 20€) , γιατι λεει τα αγγίξαμε! το χειρότερο φαγητο που (ευτυχως δεν φαγαμε) 10 χρονια τώρα στη Θεσσαλονικη! Ντροπή για τη φημη της!!! και ενω στην αρχη μας επιβεβαίωσαν οτι μπορουμε να πληρώσουμε με καρτα…δεν δούλευε τελικα το μηχάνημα τους! μείνετε μακριά…

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