March 2012 – Gina & I

Last year, I remember March as the starting month where I explored more of Filyro’s forest areas. I wouldn’t go alone, but with Gina, I can be anywhere.

Such confidence I have for this canine friend, eh? I absolutely trust Gina with my life when I am alone inside the forests of Filyro. She understands that we need to protect each other when we are on our own, away from home. She has the habit of going ahead of me, then sniff around the area. All dogs do this, but Gina had proven more than once that she has a higher purpose in doing so. She would find snakes, or other dogs waiting for us, or people going to our direction; giving me a signal of something and someone coming, and I have to be cautious of. The funny things she found sometimes were turtles , and she kept barking at them. There were also sad encounter with dead birds.

As you can see Gina on this photo, is waiting for me. Glancing at my direction whether I am done taking photos, or not. Sounds like a good guard dog. But she’s more than that. All in all, my afternoon walk in Filyro is not worth while without my canine friend.

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