Alexandra is already 1 year old!

In Autumn 2011, I bought a tree. As part of my counselling therapy, buying it was one of the things I chose to get for myself and learn to focus on one thing at a time, then nurture it as I would take care of myself.  It was a test only. So the next day, my husband and I went to an “Anthopoliyo”. They call plant and flower shops like that over here. We went to the one in Ratziki. It took me at least 20 minutes to get everything I wanted. The shop lady asked me what tree I wanted. I asked for ‘cherry blossoms’, but she said she’s not sure if they have it. I have to show her what ‘cherry blossoms tree’ I meant, not a cherry tree. She lent me her plant book and found what I wanted, but unfortunately, she doesn’t have the plant available. So I looked for something else and found the area of pine trees. There were more than 4 types of them. But I chose “Alexandra” among the many. So I got her a big gray pot and a medium bag of soil. The lady told me to come back to her in case the plant will start withering. She also instructed me how to take care of it properly for each season. Although I could find the readings and instructions online. I have to admit, it was nice listening to someone who cares about the plant you bought from them.  I thought that maybe it’s also her way of bidding farewell to one of her children. 

So Alexandra was packed and I was very excited to welcome her to our balcony. I took her first winter photo with us. This time, it’s around February 2012. Snow just stopped and I thought I would visit her and see how she’s doing. Her figure stood firm in the corner of our balcony. Snow had covered her feet, yet she greeted me with delight on a white winter morning.


2 thoughts on “Alexandra is already 1 year old!

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