My First Visit to a Ski Resort: Naoussa

The year 2012 has a lot of unforgettable moments. During winter, I went with the Filipino Organization in Northern Greece (FONG) to Naoussa. The town is not only known for its world-famous wine, but also for its Ski Resort, “Tria Pendi Pigadhia” (3 – 5 Pigadia).

Me and a friend rode for the first time the snow lifts, and I remember my head spinning in dizziness! A truly exhilarating experience. I was fortunate to come along with the Filipino organization winter activity.

I specially thank the President, Tita Violi, for the invite. Then to my friend who let me stayed at her place overnight before the travel.

I admit, I do not like cold places, but I am attracted to Winter’s white beauty. It shows a magnificent and magical Mother Earth’s beauty. But I certainly need to get proper winter gear next time if I go to a Ski Resort.

Doubtless, the 1st experience will live on me – perhaps forever. ^__^


One thought on “My First Visit to a Ski Resort: Naoussa

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