A February Rendezvous

A 2012 Winter Memory – My 2nd and 3rd winter in Greece were the most fantastic ones! There was snow and hail and my 1st snowy Christmas day, too! 😀

February 2012 was a continuous snowy weather, especially in high altitude places of Thessaloniki, where Filyro belongs. I spent the cold days, taking the dog out while enjoying the magically white surrounding.

On this picture, I took this while Gina was walking ahead of me. I really love the scenery of her ; surrounded by leafless trees covered in fresh snow. She glanced back where I was at. She never let me out of sight, as I wouldn’t let her out of my sight, too. She enjoyed the snow so much that she would roll her body on a pile , and after another. I am glad that the road maintenance during this time of year was ready to clean the icy roads so it’s easier to walk without the fear of a car sliding and the thought that we could be hit by it. So it’s safe – no car accidents during snowy days in Filyro, well… so far. ^_^

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