A January Photo Review of 2012

It was still winter season. And I happen to pass by at Ignatia’s Aristotelous Plateia (Aristotle’s Plaza, but along Ignatia road. I have to state this because there is an Aristotelous Square if you walk further below, towards the bay area.)

It was foggy in Filyro before I left, and the city center of Thessaloniki was dim in January. That day was very cold. Perhaps around 10 degrees Celsius. Waiting for a friend, I strolled around first. The plaza was occupied with children’s amusement equipment. One of them is on the picture.

This was the first year that they have used the plaza to put amusement park. I heard from my in-laws that it has something to do with the city’s economic crisis and the whole Aritotelous area wasn’t decorated as much as it did years ago. So a group of businessmen decided to put up a “gypsy style” amusement park in addition to the Holiday spirit celebration during this season. To me it looked normal. It reminded me of my hometown’s “fiesta” celebration. But to my husband who isn’t used to seeing Aristotelous park in this way, was laughing about what the government and businessmen had done to one of the city’s most visited area.

Regardless what my husband’s thoughts are, I think that the park looked livelier than usual. Even the birds are happier because more food were left for them afterwards. And there’s music, too!

The Original Photo is HERE


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