What’s Pink in Spring?

So it’s Spring season
and I checked my photo albums from Spring 2012. I found quite a few useful photos to share on my blog today. And the topic is all about PINK! 😀

Spring can bring us comfort. Beautiful sun, uplifts our spirit; flowers in different colors, bring back the colors of daily scene after a grey & gloomy winter; then of course, this season can make our cheeks rosy, too – from the cold wind and generous hearts of strangers on the road!

*All photos were taken in 2012*

A walk, downtown of Thessaloniki:  I found this beautiful pink tree along Ethnikis Aminis road. It’s another plum blossom tree!

…and after the tree shot, I was shared some smiles from the women of Thessaloniki! 😀


At Stavroupoli Botanical Garden:  Pink in pots at the entrance.

Inside the tropical area, I found some tiny pinks!

A view of the inside, while I was outside the park. The lovely pinks were smiling at me!

Wishing everyone a Happy Spring 2013!


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