Spring at Naoussa

Spring is in the air and I am raiding my 2012 photo albums for any previous spring excursions to share. Well I found one and this was our family trip to the beautiful and quaint city of Naoussa. It was May 1, Labor Day, so we made this trip for the first time.

Also known as “Naousa”, the city is in the prefecture of Imathia, Macedonia, Greece. It was built in the eastern part of Vermio mountain. Just like other cities of Northern Greece, Naoussa has its own ancient history, too. In ancient time, the city was known as “Mieza”. The “Vriges” where said to be the first inhabitants of the area. But their race was eradicated by the founder of the Macedonian Kingdom, Caranus. You can find here the School of Aristotelous, the philosopher who taught Alexander the Great. Also in this location, it was said by Herodotus that the “Hanging Gardens of King Midas” was built. An ancient theater (2nd B.C. , Hellenistic period)) was found in 1922.  The theater can hold 1500 – 2000 people. Ancient Romans invaded the city and named it “Nova Augusta”, where the current name “Naoussa” was rooted from. During the Ottoman Turk occupation, the city suffered from the hands of the Muslim conquerors (18th century – 19th century).

The places I mentioned above are the few places you can look into during your visit. I have a list of more of them but for now I will talk the specific places we went to on Labor Day 2012.


Our first stop in Naoussa includes the city’s old watermill which was displayed at the main road of the city’s entrance.

Then we started looking for the park of “Aghiou Nikolaou” (St. Nikolas) but instead we found first the park of the municipality, “Kioski”. It has a restaurant, cafe, playground, and pond garden. The river Arapitsa passes over here.


Whether you’re dining, walking, and playing, Kioski park offers a breathtaking scenery.

I took a stolen shot of this woman sitting on one of the benches. The trees here were  huge and by this time of the year, some of them have white flower blossoms.



I followed these cute creatures and I really like the way they walk. Something that mesmerizes me. *laugh*

On a hot day, keeping ourselves cool is very important.


We viewed Arapitsa river from inside the park and then we tried to check it up close. So we went out of Kioski park, took a left turn until we reached a bridge. History says that in 1892, after a long struggle by  Greek resistance, the Ottoman Turk army finally breached its city walls. The residents were massacred and women & children were said to have chosen to jump off  a cliff of  Arapitsa river, rather than surrender and be caught by the Ottomans. It was in the exact place where I stood to take this photo.

We found an old Cotton Factory-Museum where a staircase nearby takes you down to have a closer look of the river.

^_^ I seem like a ghostly figure. The Cotton Factory-Museum was closed so we couldn’t visit it.

We didn’t walk around the municipality that much but on our way back to the car, we passed by old & traditional buildings. Look at the view of Mount Vermio (aka Mt. Vermion). I have been there for Winter trip February 2012 .
We saw more traditional buildings on our way. In front of Kioski park, you will find traditional restaurants and cafes. A lot of nice and quaint places to visit. We thought of sitting in one of the unique cafes but we run out of time. The thought of revisiting this area in 2013 made us hopeful for another excursion.



By car, we traveled about 3 km from the municipality of Naoussa to reach Aghiou Nikalou Park.  It is a 60-acre park that surrounds  Arapitsa river and a Pan-Hellenic tourist center funded by European Union under LIFE program.  It was amazingly green and a settlement of different types of trees are found here.

People playing along Arapitsa river. According to myth, King Veretus  had a son “Olganus”. He metamorphosed into a river God and gave his name to Arapitsa river.


Tall trees – everywhere!


The trees provide a wonderful place for children to hang around – or to climb, too.

Sweet couple! I saw them picking wild white flowers and asked if I could take a photo of them together. As you can see, they were happy about it! 😀

Oh, how would you like an afternoon nap?  Or listen to the birds and enjoy the sunny afternoon while river viewing?

In one corner, girls were playing volley.

My favorite capture! ^___^

While everyone was busy doing whatever they want, I also got myself busy! Picking wild white flowers and my husband took a stolen shot .

The family members who contended themselves sitting after our long walk.
There was a small train transport that brings you around the park, but we didn’t take it because we wanted to walk. There are still  areas of the park yet waiting for us to explore. Wouldn’t mind a 2nd visit! 😀

I only wanted to take a photo of the balloon because it has the face of Dora the explorer, my niece’s favorite character. A couple saw me so I waved at them. They smiled back and I captured it. ^_^

We passed through this bridge to go the restaurant – bar area

A view of the restaurant – bar from a corner

Did I say we brought along these babies? These are Totoro couple key chains. A gift from a friend in Malaysia. It is also our Anime couple version. They are characters from a Studio Ghibli Anime called “My Neighbor Totoro”.

If you are in Northern Greece, do not miss to visit the city of Naoussa. It has a lot to offer to tourists. I haven’t mentioned before but this city has a vineyard and winery and its wine produce had gathered international awards. It also has a ski resort “3-5 Pigadia” which is quite awesome. And there are more ancient sites to visit like tombs of important people during ancient Macedonian period. The museum is also a must see. During Karnavali festival around February, one can check out the events of this city.  So any plans for Labor Day?


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