A Blessed Friday!

A blessed Friday because it’s sunny! And whenever it’s Friday, my husband gets off from work early. After we ate our late lunch (yes super late actually because it was already 6 pm, hahaha!) , we took the dogs out. Yuki, of course, was a handful. Thankfully, Gina was cooperative and as long as someone was there to accompany her going to the park, it didn’t seem to bother her that we’re giving more attention to the little one. I was afraid that she’ll get jealous OR stop listening to me, but I was wrong. She also waited for us at the park and didn’t go further without my word. At some point, when we reached the entrance, she barked at me while wagging her tail. She normally do this while waiting for me to give direction:  left or right / up or down / straight, stop, & go. When she heard me say ” left “, she immediately rushed inside the park, went to the spring faucet and drunk some water, then run in circles. She is in her normal self, I was glad!  But Yuki wasn’t cooperative at all. As expected of a pup – adventurous and curious. She kept dragging me and hubby to run after Gina. I thought of releasing her while we were at the park, but I changed my mind. We played with her and hubby was delighted to see her energetic and quite bouncy!

Here is hubby trying to make Yuki ride the Merry-go-round. Of course , he failed. He ended up going in circles himself! LOL.

When hubby’s attempt to make Yuki ride the Merry-go-round failed, I called her and took this serious face of hers.


At the Forest Park of Filyro. Papa and Yuki ,together again on April 12, 2013.

Back at home, it’s Yuki’s training hour. She’s slowly getting my “sit” and “stand” commands. I hope it will continue tomorrow!

Yuki looking at hubby. I took this photo by luck! I have to put away the camera or she’ll try to grab it. Hubby was a good distraction. 😀

After the afternoon walk, play, and training – Yuki looked like this. I think it’s her satisfied face – maybe?

Happy Yuki , April 12, 2013

I have been waiting for our neighbor’s cherry tree to get some white blossoms. And it finally did this week! In May and June, we will be getting some cherries and I love making smoothies out of them. 😀

Our neighbor’s cherry tree finally got some blossoms! 😀

How was your Friday afternoon?


7 thoughts on “A Blessed Friday!

  1. Awww…. Yuki is absolutely adorable and I can see she is the happiest pup in the world. So great to see posts like this where there is so much love for our best friends. 🙂 Stunning photo’s and love the blossoms. Gorgeous! 🙂

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