Tea at the Balcony

I have cleaned our balcony, although summer is still far. But the weather is getting better. It is sunnier and the day has become longer. I had my afternoon tea and my paper cranes are hanging now on my baby pine tree “Alexandra”. Sometimes later, I will post the creative things I have been doing these past months. I am saving them for summer decorations. Ah summer, I so miss it!!!

So how is the weather in your part?

Afternoon Delight!

A Polish herbal tea. It’s one of the best brand of teas in Europe, for me. 🙂

It’s Professor X narrating NatGeo – WILD show! 😀

And this is what it looks like around me right now.

Our neighbor’s Garden. Blooming trees!

And this is my in-laws Garden! Ahahaha! It’s a wild, wild west in our area. We’re waiting for a week of sunshine before mowing and cleaning it entirely.


9 thoughts on “Tea at the Balcony

    • Thank you Nikita, it’s nature view from where I live. I wish we can work on decorating the garden, too, hahahaha!

      • Hi! I’m Valerie, by the way! You should enjoy that view because it is beautiful. What a great way to relax with a cup of tea! 🙂

      • I am Nessy. 🙂 Nice to meet you. *virtual shake hand*
        It’s nice to get more sunshine and finally seeing the surrounding turning green! Hope you could join me on my cup o’ tea!

    • Hi Isadora, I am glad to see you here! OH wow you are in Florida?!? That place is fantastic! My relatives told me so. Hihihi! I think you guys will have early summer than us, here in Northern Greece. I am looking forward to swim and enjoy drinking cold drinks outdoor. Still its chilly and can be gloomy at most times.
      I will surely come and visit your blog again. Have a good day 😀

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