Planting on a Wednesday

Waiting for a good weather in Spring can be fun! When you see that it’s sunny, you have to take advantage of doing any outdoor activities. And I decided to survey flowers and plants. So today I visited the local flower shop from where I live and was happy to see the couple who owns it. I asked them for any flowers to recommend me. They showed me 5 flowers I could grow easily.

Snapdragon seeds on pots. For starter, this is all I have today. I kept the rest of the seeds for next planting day. I yet have to buy the seedling pots. Unfortunately, I have no big pots for the lily bulbs , so at the moment they are inside these plastic pots. I will have to transfer them sooner – this week.

Just to mention, I have been planting vegetables like spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, papayas, bitter gourd, and also peanuts when I was a kid. I grew up in a place where it’s within city area, but it used to be a stream. No wonder my grandparents built ponds within our fence. We also had bounty supply of fresh water from the well. My mother’s family were farmers and farm owners for centuries during the Spanish era. Then their fields were destroyed by the Japanese during WWII, leaving them in the end little of what they had before. Later, my great grandparents transferred to the city area. The place they lived, was were I grew up. The life everyday was similar to living in a farm. Because my grandparents have a little farm within our fence – with 2 separate ponds. They took care ducks, chickens, pigs, turkeys. And we had a big area for gardening. I learned to plant fruits and vegetables through my grandfather. At 6 years old, my hands and arms were dirty with mud and fertilizer. I was advised by my grandfather to name the plants I grow. He told me to talk to them everyday. And also to others, or else they will get jealous and not bear fruits. Now that I think about this, I am laughing on my own.
With flowers, my experience was with my grannies whom I learned to prune orchids, bonsai, and flowery shrubs. I planted a few roses; but I never saw it grew tall because my aunt renovated the garden a year after. I love tropical plants, the most. I have loads of them at home in Philippines. And some orchids, too. We like decorating our house with leafy tropical plants. Not much of a flower on a vase with water. Every house plants we had were grown and pruned in pots.

Now living in Greece – it’s funny that I had become less adventurous regarding growing plants. But after seeing Alexandra grew in the past year, my passion for planting rekindled. I am doing it slowly, though. I have  seeds of Philippine veges like papaya (it is fruit and vegetable for Filipinos), alugbati, bitter gourd, and squash. My mom sent them from California. She has a little garden of Filipino vegetables. (And a few strawberry pots!) I will be planting the seeds she gave me , probably middle of May. The rest of the veges, I can plant them maybe last week of May or 1st week of June.

And today I got Snapdragon seeds from the “Anthopoliyo” -flower shop in Greek. I also got 2 lily bulbs. I thought to myself: “well let’s see if I can grow western flowers.” I never tried growing western flowers before. I am afraid they won’t even sprout, hahaha! My conscience was telling me to try and try – JUST TRY! This year’s spring is a new start for me. I want to plant. I want to touch the soil. But first, I have yet to get more seedling pots. For today, I re-used the ones we have at home. They were from last year’s seedlings of petunias and pansies, bought from the flower shop. All my petunias died. But my pansies, 4 of them are still alive. I do hope my snapdragon seeds will grow! SO here’s to good luck!


New addition. I forgot what it is called. But I really love these tiny pink flowers! Does anybody know its name?

Then dinner time!

I modified mashed potato in a way that was different than usual. I added lemon rind and crushed almond nuts. It produced a tangy flavor. I am thinking, perhaps next time I’ll  mix  mozzarella cheese or cream cheese. Agree or disagree?

Mashed Potato with lemon rind and almond nuts.

And for the salad, I used the local fresh finds in the “oporopoliyo” – also known as “manavis” –  what we call the vegetable and fruit stall/shop in Greek.
I used red radish,  yellow pepper, cabbage, cucumber, green onion, and dill. Sprinkled with oregano, pepper, salt, and garlic. This is not one of those Greek salads. I just made it up.

Fresh salad!

I prepared a red sauce for the pasta using the locally found fresh tomatoes. I added the remaining crushed almonds just for “the heck of it”. LOL! Husband liked this more.

Pasta in Red Sauce for Dinner!

So what’s up on Wednesday!?


9 thoughts on “Planting on a Wednesday

  1. Mmmm…you got me stuck on the mashed potatoes. LOL! I love potatoes! Great shots and such beautiful flowers. 🙂 *hugs*

      • Oh, that I want to see! Bet you’re going to bake some lovely yummies. You must have a great birthday Nessy. 🙂 *hugs*

    • Hi Annie, I have no garden yet, everything are planted in pots. I will have to buy big ones soon. 🙂

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