Age Reminder Day



Who would post something in WordPress that it’s their birthday? LOL
Well, I couldn’t help it. This year, I have been more appreciative. Of people, new friends, new life. Of WordPress! 😀 And to the (hopefully) endless love of my husband. I am still young, still strong, and lovin’ life as I venture meeting new people in Greece.
So tomorrow, a Saturday, we will have a BBQ party at home. Yesterday husband & I trimmed the ‘yet wet’ wild grasses. It took us 2.30 hours. We weren’t supposed to trim them yet because we’re waiting for them to get dry. Yet, since people want to come & visit us tomorrow, well why not have a party? Hahaha! So eventhough we have aching arms and legs today, we will go shopping for things we need for tomorrow’s party. I will have children comin’ over so we hope to do Easter Egg hunting. The other side of the world had finished celebrating “Easter”, but not yet in Greece. The Orthodox’ Easter week will be on May.
By the way, I really love the people who are coming over tomorrow! I hope they will enjoy their “countryside” afternoon with us. ^_^

So who’s birthday is next? 


8 thoughts on “Age Reminder Day

  1. Happy Birthday Nessy and may this day and the days after this be blessed with everything great hon! Enjoy your party and have lots of fun! I hope you will be posting pics! 🙂 *hugs*

  2. Thank you everyone! As much as I would love to reply to all and everyone (facebook, wordpress, other forums), my hands are preventing me. This is the pain of love and excitement! Ahahaha! I will surely drop by tomorrow evening, if not Sunday early morning. Thank you once again for those who greeted me! Cheers!

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