Sunday Photo Quote #2

Yesterday, I celebrated my 31st birthday. The people that came were such wonderful people; they make my heart filled with sunshine. I thank them. I thank them all for bringing such bliss. I am away from my mom, my sister, my brothers – and they came to be with me. I also thank my own family for greeting me, though 1 of them greeted me late due to timezone difference. 😀 But she sung me a “happy birthday” song through texting! My sister never changed. And most of all, I thank my family in Greece. For helping me out with the preparation the day before. Especially to my only “Theo”.

This quote is for them… ^____^


…and for everyone who finds love , and love sharing it!

Would you like to share quotes that you like? Why not use your own photos to put them in, too?  JOIN me & Sonel for  Sunday Photo Quote post!  Anyone is welcome! 😀

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14 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Quote #2

  1. I am so glad you enjoyed your birthday Nessy. It is wonderful to have people like that in your life hon. Great quote and photo and thanks for sharing. 🙂 *hugs*

    • Yes it was a fruitful and wonderful day, although at some point it rained late afternoon. I wasn’t able to make the kids experience easter egg hunt…even so, it was a memorable day! And also the dogs were happy to have companions that like them. 😀 Thank you again Sonel, I’ll be heading to your blog after this msg. :***

      • I am so glad you enjoyed it so much hon and it sounds like the doggie kids enjoyed themselves too. 🙂

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