The Old Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

Hubby and I started looking for an apartment today. The city center was the best spot for us so we started down at Papafi , and ended up at Delfon. At Delfon area, we walked the main road and went down to search for more apartments. In one of the roads, we found the old Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki. It is located in “Archaeolohikou Mouseiou” street. An ancient fanatic myself was very happy! A friend that lives nearby told me one time that there are 2 Archaeological Museums in Thessaloniki. He was right. I had no idea one exists until I found the old one today. Unfortunately, it was closed. We don’t even know if it opens on daily bases since there was no information posted outside its vicinity.

(and what remains of it now…)

From afar and outside the gate, the old building stands in splendor with its intricate design. I honestly like what it looks, compare to the new Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki.

Remember the address: #30 Archaeolohiko Mouseiou 

The Old Grandeur

A Clock Tower


And lastly, here is our dear Booboo at home! She’s having her sun bath on a relatively warm and sunny Spring morning!



8 thoughts on “The Old Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

    • Thank you Sonel! 😀 I tried my best. Though at some point, I was tempted to climb the tall fence and take close up shots of the building. I would love to go inside the old building, it’s intriguing how Thessaloniki city started an archaeological museum. 🙂

      • LOL! Yes, I know that feeling too well. I have the same problem here sometimes and love old buildings. 🙂

  1. Lovely photos! Actually this amazing old building was built as an Ottoman mosque in 1902 by Sultan Abdulhamid II, by an Italian architect Vitaliano Poselli.

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