Sensei in the Zoo

“Sensei” is the Japanese term for “teacher, master, tutor, educator”. And this goat reminded me of a Japanese Anime character. Or someone that came out of a cartoon. Old and wise. Just look at his face! Isn’t he adorable?

Goat Sensei, lounging one Spring afternoon.


On May 1, while the rest of the world was celebrating “Labor Day”, in Greece we aren’t. This specific celebration was moved to May 7. We usually go out of town during this day, but this year since it isn’t, we decided to visit the Zoological Park of Thessaloniki. We haven’t been there for 2 years, I think. One particular animal attracted our attention the most. He is “Mr. Sensei”. Well we gave him the name of course, hahaha! Wouldn’t someone like him make you laugh? The longer I stare at his face, the more I smile; while my husband’s laugh became louder as each second passed. He was the one who noticed Mr. Sensei and he literally called it “Goat Sensei”. Ignoring our voices and oblivious to our presence, he barely opened his eyes and maintained “that smiley face” while I was taking his photos.

If there is a Smile Award, I would like to give it to this being. Doesn’t he give off “tranquility”?

He reminds me of a Japanese Anime old & wise man. Which most people there would call “Sensei”.

So how was your Labor Day off?


5 thoughts on “Sensei in the Zoo

  1. Awwww, he sure is adorable Nessy and I kept one smiling all the way. 😆 He is a cutie for sure and love the name. He really is one happy chappie…heheheeh.
    I can’t remember what we did … will have to ask hubby. 😉

    • Hi Sonel! I am wondering if old goats could really look like this? LOL

      Will your readers be expecting a Labor Day entry, too? 😀 Looking forward to it!

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