Sunday Photo Quote: Dogs

Every Sunday, Sonel & I are doing a Quote blog entry. If you would like to join us, you are very welcome! We choose quotes we like and to make it easier from now on we are doing a “theme” quote. This Sunday is about man’s bestfriend, DOGS. The relationship between men and dogs existed for 10,000 years. From wild wolves, we tamed them, nurtured them, and breed them. Whether they are big or small, dogs are one of the best beings you can have!

All photos are about “Yuki”. We have recently put an ad on the newspaper and online ad for her adoption. My husband and I are planning to transfer to an apartment and unfortunately we cannot bring her with us. Our house now is a good place for her to stay, but the neighbor who took her are neglecting her constantly. Our family had started feeding her 2 weeks ago and we have been helping to take her out for daily walk and exercise until the neighbor can find an owner for her. But it’s already been more than 3 months? And he had stopped feeding her also. As much as we love Yuki,  we have to let her go. Our family cannot take in another stray. So temporarily Yuki’s being taken care of by my family. So anyone from Greece who would like to adopt her, please leave a message below. Let’s give a proper home and attention to this lovely pup!

US with Yuki. We will surely miss this lovely creature!


4 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Quote: Dogs

  1. Yuki sure is a gorgeous sweetheart Nessy and I truly hope she finds a good home very soon. She deserves that. What a pity you can’t take her with. Love what you did with the photo’s and the quotes are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing hon. 🙂 *big hugs*

  2. I am so saddened that Yuki can no longer be with you. That is so sad. I know that if Nikita and Bella were not with Mommy all day, they would be lost. I just hugged my dogs. I hope Yuki can find a good home.

  3. ego thelo skylo, sas tilefonisa 2 fores simera to apogeyma. parakalo kaleste me piso. eyxaristo

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