Sunday Photo Quote: Grateful/Gratitude

Hello, it’s another Sunday to share quotes (I like) regarding a specific topic. This Sunday’s theme was given by Sonel at Sonel’s Corner. Thank you Sonel!  If you want to join us for this Sunday activity,  feel free to do so. 😀

Today was just another busy Sunday. Orthodox Easter holiday is finally over and it happened that it was also Mother’s Day, so I would love to share some of the sayings that my mother told me in regards to “gratitude”. I got a call from her and she didn’t even realize it’s Mother’s Day. Hahaha! Unfortunately, I couldn’t talk long because Mr. husband and I were about to go out. So I told her I’d call back at night. At 10pm, we were home and found our street in total darkness. There was no electricity since 8pm! So no Skype, meaning no phone call to Mom. When the energy returned, I was too tired to speak (almost midnight here). I headed to WP instead, to post this (late) Sunday entry.

Gratitude, it’s something that we naturally feel but showed less. Everyday I am thankful for many things, although I don’t speak of them. So today I will give myself a chance to mention them. 

I am thankful of the experience I am going through. For the problems that were solved and people’s support to go through them. To my family and friends: new & old. Especially to my mom who supported me emotionally and mentally. As well as to SKYPE, then to my brother who made it possible to contact any relatives in USA using this SKYPE account while paying every month for it.  ^_^ I am close to my family, so I don’t feel good if we can’t communicate. My mother has no pc, nor use internet on her mobile (although she can if she wants to). She loves this old style of communication: talking on the phone.

For the past 2 years, I have been meeting (very) nice people in Greece. At first, I was a total stranger here; without blood relatives. I came here because I was in-love and we want to live together after 5 years of  long distance relationship. I met many people, but only a few were worthy. I am grateful for having them now in my life. I am also grateful to  my siblings, for they never cease to support me in whatever way they can. Despite of the distance apart, they, and my mom, were quite supportive. Most of all, I am grateful to Mr. husband. For never leaving me during my darkest hours. For opening my eyes (and mind) to new experiences. And for loving me for 9 years.

He composed this song a few years ago before we got married. It is one of his compositions that he finds embarrassing, but somehow, he kept sharing it to our friends. To note, he used to sing in an Orthodox choir; you will find that his voice is not suited for this song, but I am grateful that he created it while thinking of me. 😀

AND TO END THIS ENTRY, since it is Mother’s Day – I would love to share this video from my country, Philippines. It is a dedication to all OFWs (Overseas Filipino Worker) who are far from their families and home. I am sad to say that it doesn’t have English translation yet. The song you will hear, is a beautiful Filipino lullaby. “Kay Inay” video means “To My Mom.” It talked about an OFW that didn’t come back home immediately after hearing his mother got Alzheimer’s disease. When he returned, he decided not to go abroad anymore, but instead care for her. He kept playing to her this old lullaby –  a song that his mother sung to him when he was a baby. ^___^



7 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Quote: Grateful/Gratitude

  1. What a stunning post and quotes Nessy and I absolutely loved it! You’ve said it all hon and well said as well. Oh, I know about the “no light’s” or “electricity” problems. We have it here as well sometimes and I am grateful that we have municipal workers that fixes it quickly most of the times. 🙂
    What a stunning video of you and your hubby. You are such a charming and beautiful couple and the song he sang for you is absolutely beautiful and he should be very proud of it, but yes, I know how he feels because I feel the same way when I sing and hubby thinks it’s amazing. LOL! The Kay Inay video brought tears to my eyes and it’s wonderful that not even that terrible illness could take away the mother’s love for her child and it’s was beautiful to witness when she remembered him. Thanks for sharing a beautiful and inspirational post my dear friend and thank you for being you and for being so special and beautiful. 🙂 *big hugs*

  2. Dear Sonel, definitely the electricity was a bummer, hahaha! But the time it went back (after 4 hrs?) I was already too tired to talk. This is a rare case here, until now I don’t know what was the cause of it…
    And thank you so much !!! We both look young on the photo, hihihi, it was during our first meeting in my country 😀 (2006)
    That Kay Inay video is one of the interesting Mother’s Day videos I have seen…I am also reminded how green and beautiful the countryside of my hometown…and how warm the people there in regards to family. I am very happy that you like them, Sonel. You are very sweet and so cool! I’ll cherish your wonderful thoughts-words. *big hugs back at you*
    Wishing you a nice weekday! 😀

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