A Time to Celebrate

My WordPress Anniversary is also my husband’s birthday! (This photo was taken in May 10, when we went to a vineyard somewhere in Lagadas province. )


Today, it’s my 3rd year in WP. If you think about it, I wasn’t an active blogger, only until this year. I remember the first time I decided to start a WP blog. It was because of Mr. husband’s birthday. I couldn’t buy him a gift that time, so I thought of something that he wouldn’t guess in his lifetime, as his gift from me. YES, I started a blog for him. It maybe laughable, but after he found out about it, he was almost in tears. He hugged me so tight and said passionate words. I was right though, he never had guessed I’ll post online about his birthday and my message for him will be seen by anyone. I felt like shouting how much I love him; I want to declare my love for him. It may sound childish and silly, but at that time, I was desperate to give him something that will make him feel-see my true feelings for him. Then I recalled my grandmother’s words of wisdom: “The most valuable gift you can give to anyone is your heart.” What will it be? I already finished my paper card and the decorative hanging photo frame – but there’s still something missing. I know what things he needed, but I couldn’t afford them.

We were quite in a bad time that year (2010). The recession hit us very hard and I couldn’t even find a job. Despite of that, the 2 of us were hanging on to our feelings to keep our marriage. We both had our insecurities, like – he wanted to get me presents for my birthday , but he couldn’t afford them. I was also the same. But during those time, “Love kept us alive.” So as his work.

But as he viewed and read my first WP entry, he was surprised, speechless, and almost in tears. I wrote my simple thoughts for him. He understood them. I was glad that he did… (My First WP Blog). I reminded him what we’ve been through to be together. So despite of the problems we had, mostly caused by the hard hit of recession in Greece, we should never forget our feelings for each other. What is the most important thing in marriage? It’s beyond the material things you can purchase by money. We should not underestimate LOVE. 

Does anyone remember when you started your WP blog? What made you do it?


6 thoughts on “A Time to Celebrate

  1. Happy Birthday wishes all the way from South Africa to your hubby Nessy and it’s always good to find people who have the same birthday, although I am half a decade old today, I am sure he is not..hehehehe. Congrats on your WP anniversary too hon and what a lovely post! Yes, we can’t always give the people we love what they want or what we want to give them but love surely is the most important and it’s the little things that count hon. We can also not afford to buy presents but like I always tell my hubby and kids on days like these : I have received the greatest and most treasured gifts of all when I got you and no money in the world can buy what you give me every day of my life, so yes…to me, every day is my birthday. 🙂 Enjoy a beautiful day with your hubby hon and have fun! *big hugs*

    • Thank you very much Sonel! Your thoughts are appreciated. I have enjoyed a nice day with hubby, and we are planning to continue it during the weekend. *big hugs*

      • You are very welcome hon and I am glad you both enjoyed. Have fun this weekend. 🙂 *big hugs*

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