Beach Day and Celebration of Holy Friday

May 3 was a Holy Friday in Greece (Orthodox Easter). Mr. husband and I went out with a friend-couple to check out Epanomi beach. We were asked if we would love to go for an afternoon swim, and we said yes. The water though was not in perfect temperature for a swim, but good enough for a short dip. Although I didn’t really manage to go in the water due to a “monthly visitor”, I contented myself watching them play. I was jealous of course! Who wouldn’t be since we have been waiting for summer to arrive? Despite of my situation, I still managed to get not-bored. I know myself that I could have fun even when I am alone as long as I have a camera at hand. So with my “red baby” (Olympus VR-340 compact cam), I looked around in what to do.

Ok, I have to be honest, Epanomi beach is not an ideal beach to go to if you are looking for a beautiful Greek beach. But then, there are other interesting things to see if you want to visit Epanomi. Other than it is conveniently near for a daily beach swim, it is also connected to a lake where it’s famous for bird watching. The bird migration here is famous all over the world. Winter and Spring are the good seasons for this activity. Also, there is a vineyard and winery to visit. It has a seasonal visiting hours. But don’t forget to check it out in summer for it celebrates Dionysus Festival, just like the other vineyards-wineries all around Northern Greece. Epanomi has a few nice beach bars. I’ve been to one before , called “Kima” (meaning “wave” in Greek).

While the company were swimming, my knees were covered in sand. I shared my moment with the chamomiles growing on it. What a perfect day to catch their beauty! I really love these little creatures. They popped out of nowhere,  blanketing the beach with their elegant , white petals, standing out in sunlight. On that day, I knew how to differentiate them from wild white daisies. First thing to remember is that, they smell like chamomile tea. 😀  Then second, I read that unlike daisies that can grow as long as 3 feet tall or if hybrid, up to 12 feet,  chamomiles on the other hand can grow up to 9 inches tall only. They smell fantastically nice. Under the sweltering sun, I felt relax even without drinking a chamomile tea! Then in the end, I picked a few to give to my friend. Hahaha!


Shower, anyone? It wasn’t working on that day. I guess they haven’t opened the line for swimmers, yet…

The 4 of us. An attempt to beon the pic also, hahaha!

Myself , enjoying the sunny beach day!

Please Enjoy the Chamomile Photos~

“There are as many pillows of illusion
as flakes in a snow-storm.
We wake from one dream into another dream.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

AFTERWARDS…in celebration of Greek Easter, we joined the Holy Friday Parade in Agia Triada church.

I only managed to take a photo of the moving caravan’s upper part. Inside, the shroud of Jesus was placed. It was extravagantly decorated with different flowers.

Later, we took a long walk from our friend’s house and we came home pretty tired, but with smiley faces.

Wishing everyone a happy week!

7 thoughts on “Beach Day and Celebration of Holy Friday

  1. I absolutely adore your photo’s Nessy and it looks like you had a great day in spite of the “visitor”. 😛 The Chamomile photo’s are absolutely stunning! I love Chamomile. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing hon. 🙂 *big hugs*

    • Glad to know that you also love Chamomile, dear Sonel, 😀 In times of stressful days, the tea has some soothing effect on the mind, and taste bud. 😀

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