Road Trip: Babatzimopoulos Vineyard Estate in Ossa

May 10 – it was a sunny Friday and a good day for travelling. The mild, chilly wind sent us to the direction of Lagadas, a municipality in the northeast part of Thessaloniki. We have been to one of its unit municipalities before (Koroneia, where we visited a lake). The municipality is composed of many little towns and some of them are part of the Macedonian Wine Road. How did we end up doing this road trip? I let Mr. hubby search for places he wants to visit. And from his readings online, someone recommended “village hopping” in Lagadas.

On the start of our road trip: we took the highway towards Kavala, and missed a turn. Husband decided to take the highway, in contradiction to the direction given by a blogger, and that is to take the old road of Thessaloniki. So we were on our own quest, hoping that somehow Google Map, in collaboration with the Greek highway signs will be able to guide us. But of course, sometimes you still miss a moment. Or that Google Map is not perfect -hahaha!

Upon entering the municipality of Lagadas (Λαγκαδάς), the vast view of farm fields met us. I was starting to like this common village look of Northern Greece. Especially when you see farmers working on the fields. We kept driving and stopping in small towns once in awhile. On this blog, I will highlight my most favorite part of the road trip. In Vertiskos (the area is called like this because of the Vertiskos mountain), we found the Babatzimopolous Vineyard Estate in Ossa ( Κτήμα Μπαμπατζιμόπουλου). It is a member of the European project in Greece, “The Wine Roads of Macedonia” also known as “The Wine Roads of Northern Greece.”

(Our short tour )

One of the entrances. On our way to Ossa village, we found a way in to the vineyard estate.

The Wine Factory

Later on I read that this is a new building of the estate. The cafe and wine tasting area also holds parties/events.

We don’t have an idea what is this for, anyone?

The owner of Babatzimopoulos vineyard estate is no other than Mr. Anestis Babatzimopolous. Read more about him [here]. His family roots were from Constantinople, now Istanbul. His grandfather was a famous Raki maker in Turkey. He owned a vineyard in Deliones, Silivria. In 1875, he produced the wine “Babatzim” and exported them to Russia & Austria. It was said that he started developing other alcoholic drinks, aside from wine, because Turkish do not particularly drink wine. Thus, his Raki became popular for them. During the 30’s and already in his 70’s, he and his family had to go to Greece because of the “population exchange” event. In Thessaloniki, he found his new home, start from scratch and able to make wine and other drinks again. He opened stores in several places around Northern Greece.

Mr. Anestis Babatzimopolous, although he had not met his grandfather, learned from his grandmother about wine making. At the age of 32, he decided to be a viticulturist and wine maker.

At the Wine Factory area.

What are these faucets for?

Empty Wine bottles. No, I didn’t drink all of them – though I wish I could have had. LOL.

IN 1971, Mr. Babatzimopoulos, bought a 27-acre land in the town of Ossa. He left his comfortable life in Thessaloniki to become what he is now.

Mr. Hubby – taking his time, walking around the factory.

Mr. Babatzimopoulos dream is to make his estate a Vineyard Park. It has a beautiful view of Mt. Vertiskos , while one enjoys a relaxing walk around it.

The Vineyard.

Grapes, still growing in Spring.

Blue tag. I am not sure what this means in viticulture language. But it’s all over the area we stopped over  for a walk.

Me, checking the growing vines up close… When my curiosity kicks in, no one can stop me. I hope to come back in Summer here.

A field of grapes. Would love to see them in fruition during Summer!

What’s growing with the vines.

Red Poppies everywhere.


On our way out…back where we came from.

Whenever you are in Northern Greece and in Thessaloniki city, you can find Babatzimopoulos vineyard estate just 45 minutes away. In Summer, this would be a great place to bring your family and friends. The cafe area was closed when we visited this Spring. Hopefully by next season we can visit it again as Dionysius Festival will be celebrated all over Greece. Visit their Facebook Page for contact details.

While writing this blog, I was listening to this Youtube Playlist of relaxing instrumental music. You can read more about Greek and Spirit tradition and the differences of Greek spirits (tsipouro and raki) on this [blog].

Have you visited a vineyard during spring?


16 thoughts on “Road Trip: Babatzimopoulos Vineyard Estate in Ossa

  1. It looks so peaceful there Nessy and I totally LOVE your photo’s! Thanks for the lovely tour hon, Days like today I wish I could just jump into the screen and visit all the people places I see on the blogs. Thanks for sharing hon. 🙂 *big hugs*

    • Thank you dear Sonel 😀 It stopped raining that week so we took advantage of the perfect day. I, too, felt thesame way when I see your blogs about your excursions. Wish we could be close by, or where is that time machine now? LOL

      • You’re welcome hon and oh, won’t that be wonderful! Don’t worry, one of these days one of those clever scientists will give us each a Stargate and then we can visit..hehehehe

      • Ahahaha! FTL is so useful! (By the way, don’t tell me you’re also a fan of SGU? 😀 )

      • Absolutely! One of my favourites and don’t forget Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. Watched them all..hehehehe

  2. WOW! All of your photographs are absolutely stunning! Those red poppies are beautiful! I almost forgot how beautiful poppies were. Now, I want them in my garden! Thanks ever so much for sharing these photographs with us! Loved them!

    • Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed the photos, I wish I could capture what it actually looked like for everyone to enjoy more. 🙂
      Yes the red poppies are growing wild here. Rarely I see pink, orange, and white ones. I think it would be lovely to have them in Spring, you’re right! 😀

    • I used to live in Cali and there was an abundance of yellow poppies. Here, I see more of the red ones. 🙂

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  4. About four years ago I moved from Thessaloniki to Ossa and I can tell you that I have never regretted it. I got so sick of the pollution and noise in the city and felt I needed to reconnect with nature again. It is quiet and peaceful up here and the people are very nice. This is a small village of just around 300 year-long residents but I never feel lonely. The beauty of the place amazes me season after season and year after year. I was very happy to come across your blog about the winery as I feel they don’t advertise enough. It has spectacular views of the mountains and they are now opening it up for weddings and other types of receptions. What a wonderful place to celebrate a wedding!

    • Thank you izzi. If I recall it right, the wineries can be closed during winter season. It would be great to visit this place again and reconnect with nature as what ancient Greeks had done in the past. I missed the summer festivities there and hope there will be more advertising of the wineries and promotions, not only for Thessaloniki, but everywhere in the globe. 🙂 Thanks a lot for your visit.

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